Content Marketing Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2026 | HubSpot, Contently, Influence & Co

content marketing market to witness huge growth by 2026 | hubspot, contently, influence & co


This Global Content Marketing Market report offers a detailed view of market opportunity by end user segments, product segments, sales channels, key countries, and import / export dynamics. It details market size & forecast, growth drivers, emerging trends, market opportunities, and investment risks in over various segments in Content Marketing industry. It provides a comprehensive understanding of Content Marketing market dynamics in both value and volume terms.
The pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected every aspect of life globally. This has brought along several changes in market conditions. The rapidly changing market scenario and initial and future assessment of the impact is covered in the report. It covers the entire market with an in-depth study on revenue growth and profitability. The report also delivers on key players along with strategic standpoint pertaining to price and promotion.
Our sample reports are free of charge and contain multiple sections of the report including the market size and forecast, drivers, challenges, trends, and more.
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With an all-round approach for data accumulation, the market scenarios comprise major players, cost and pricing operating in the specific geography/ies. Statistical surveying used are SWOT …



Press Release Network – News distribution & media monitoring service

press release network – news distribution & media monitoring service


Content marketing is used by many businesses as a means to promote products and services, building a brand image, and reaching out to a new audience. Content marketing can be very effective when the focus is on creating original content that appeals to the target audience. AIDA can help grab the attention of the people and guide them through the content to the extent that they take action on what they read.

The AIDA model is a tested marketing methodology that has been used by various organizations. It can be effectively used to improve the content marketing strategy of any business and drive sales.

What Is AIDA?

A = Attention

I =  Interest

D = Desire

A = Action

AIDA, when carefully followed in a piece of content can help consumers along the experience funnel. It starts with getting the attention of the target audience, engaging them, getting them curious and excited with the content for them to continue reading. The next step focuses on building their interest in the offering to the point that they relate to the product/service/ information being offered. By this time, as a business, you build on their desire to purchase the product, service, or experience and finally …


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Six ways search data can drive content marketing success – Econsultancy

six ways search data can drive content marketing success – econsultancy


Björn Darko, VP Product, Searchmetrics, sets our six ways to use search data in pursuit of content marketing success.
Amid all the talk of the importance of content marketing and the big investment in time and effort that brands throw at content creation, marketers face an enormous barrier to success. Experts estimate that 80% of content on the web receives little or no traffic, which suggests just 1 in 5 pieces of content are likely to be providing any real value.So, how can marketers ensure their content strategy actually delivers? An important lesson is to use search data and insights to drive the creation and improvement of your content, both to help meet the needs of your target customers and to rank highly in search results.
Why a data-driven approach is vital
Look at the facts. Search engines such as Google have spent years evolving and fine-tuning their algorithms to deliver the most relevant content to meet the needs of billions of searches a day – 365 days a year. Their success depends on having an intimate understanding of what makes good, helpful content for virtually any question a consumer will ask. Why wouldn’t it make perfect sense that marketers should tap …


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Building video content? Here’s a simple 4-step formula

building video content? here’s a simple 4-step formula


As people are now shopping for properties online, agents should try to increase their brand awareness through content marketing videos. Here are a few ways to get them right.

Direct-to-consumer video began with the arrival of grainy, black-and-white television in mid-century homes and, in a single lifespan, has evolved into watching mini movies on pocket phones anywhere in the world! It’s been estimated that we now upload more video content in just 30 days than the major U.S. television networks created over 30 years.
Video marketing is riding the crest of this wave and, for real estate professionals, it isn’t a question of whether you should get on board but how to dive in and use it effectively. 
The following best-practices guide is something I implemented to help agents create videos during my years of working with digital marketing for the real estate space, including time as a multimedia content manager for ListHub and 
My focus is on “content marketing videos” as opposed to “listing videos.” Content marketing is designed to inform (and build) your audience, while building your brand as an experienced, trustworthy agent and local market expert. These have a longer shelf life and can …


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4 Ways for Credit Unions to Use Content Marketing | Credit Union Times

4 ways for credit unions to use content marketing | credit union times


Source: Shutterstock
You may have heard the term “content marketing” bouncing around in your business circles lately. Although it is a relatively new buzzword, the concept actually has quite a long history, dating back to the 18th century. One of the earliest examples of content marketing is when Benjamin Franklin first published “Poor Richard’s Almanack” in 1732 to promote his printing business. The almanac contained content for readers that was needed, valuable and entertaining, which led to it becoming a recognized and respected publication.


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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Content Development |

5 benefits of outsourcing your content development |


I’ve been in the content marketing game for 14 years, and for most of those, my focus was providing content services for small businesses. But over the past few years, I’ve started working with bigger brands. This surprised me initially. After all, corporations have their own marketing teams—why would they outsource content?But after working with large corporations, I see the perks for them. Whether you run a one-person show or market for a multinational organization, here are the benefits of outsourcing your content development.
1. An outside consultant brings a fresh perspective
Being an employee, you sometimes get mired in the messaging. What I mean is, you’re too close to the brand to sometimes see it from the customer’s perspective. You think your brand is amazing for X, Y, and Z reasons, but someone else may see it very differently.
Working with someone outside your company, you get a different viewpoint. They may have ideas for content that you couldn’t have seen because you were focused on messaging you’ve received internally. And, as they say, it’s always great to have a fresh pair of eyes.
2. They’ve seen what works (and what doesn’ …


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How Google’s findings on purchase behavior impact the future of content marketing

how google’s findings on purchase behavior impact the future of content marketing


Google recently released a research piece that analyzed the purchase behavior of consumers and subsequently discussed the findings regarding the buyer decision process. The article cited a “messy middle” – a purchase consideration loop that sits between triggers and purchase – which is where and how consumers explore products on an expansive basis and evaluate on a reductive basis. On a fundamental level, this is not new thinking. We know the purchasing funnel is not linear. However, I am a fan of how elegantly Google has managed to paint the picture. Rather than a confusing chart with arrows headed in multiple directions we are presented with an infinity loop which eventually trails off to a purchase – consumers going back and forth between different areas of thought processes. ’The Messy Middle’ crystalizes a lot of what we already know in how difficult it is for brands to even try and attempt to manage the decision process for consumers.

This is a challenge that almost all brands face. Digital disruption has brought about so much change that a single consumer journey that encapsulates all users does not exist. And the industry must adapt.High-consideration sectors such as automotive do not follow the usual purchase …


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Beyond Content Marketing: 10 Steps to Real ROI With Content Operations

beyond content marketing: 10 steps to real roi with content operations


“Yay!” said no one ever when contemplating significant change. But significant change is what we’re advising when we say marketers should focus on content operations rather than content marketing only.
Content operations is the big-picture view of everything content-related within your organization, from content strategy to content creation, content governance, content-effectiveness measurement, and content management.
We frequently hear that content operations isn’t necessary—that everything will work fine without it. But it won’t.
Without content operations, there is content chaos. And you’ll suffer huge opportunity costs.
The financial return on harmonizing content messaging across your organization can be tremendous. So here are 10 steps for achieving content operations maturity.
Step 1: Articulate your content team purpose
Perhaps your team’s purpose is to deliver content to internal line-of-business teams, such as Sales, Marketing, and Corporate Communications. Perhaps it’s to deliver content to external customers. Whatever the purpose, it must support your corporate objectives. If you haven’t yet aligned your strategy and road map with corporate goals, you should do that before following these steps.
Step 2: Define your content mission
Is your content’s mission to attract new recruits, build brand advocacy, deepen relationships with customers? And do you have buy-in from the organization—particularly …


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4 Components of Authentic Social Justice Content Marketing

4 components of authentic social justice content marketing


Marketers know that people, especially young people, prefer to do business with companies that share their values. That’s why brand activism and cause marketing have been fast-growing trends over the past decade.Forward-thinking brands have become powerful allies for nonprofit groups working to slow climate change, cure cancer, and eradicate poverty. Yet, while many companies made huge strides toward inclusive content marketing, few went so far as to call out racist ideas and policies until recently. After all, talking up diversity is one thing, but taking sides on social justice reform is another, far riskier move. Not only do you risk angering some people, you risk saying the wrong thing.Taking a stand on racism might seem like a risky move, but in 2020, given everything going on right now, staying silent could hurt your brand even more. Image attribution: Noah Eleazar on Unsplash.Silence Isn’t Golden AnymoreSixty percent of Americans believe “brands should publicly speak out on systemic racism and racial injustice following the death of George Floyd and other recent racially motivated attacks on Blacks,” according to a special 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report. That number rises to 78 percent among the 18—34 age group and 88 percent among Black people. …


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B2B marketers are struggling to produce enough content amid the pandemic

b2b marketers are struggling to produce enough content amid the pandemic


Content marketing remains a challenge to many business-to-business (B2B) marketers, according to a new survey by Finite – a body representing the global B2B technology marketing community. It found that 35% of B2B marketers struggled to produce enough content to reach and engage with audiences in 2020.The challenges facing B2B marketers right nowFinite grilled over 600 B2B tech marketers with 11 questions relating to return on investment (ROI), key performance indicators (KPIs) and search engine optimisation (SEO) to arrive at its findings.As you would expect, a dearth of physical interaction had pushed B2B companies to prioritise digital content – but 35% of respondents conceded they were struggling to author sufficient content to reach their audiences.Another stumbling block came in tailoring their output to engage the right people, with 26% admitting they struggled to do so. 16% meanwhile cited measuring ROI as their greatest difficulty.Elsewhere the report found that 68% of B2B marketers remain confident in their approach to content marketing, although just 43% have defined KPIs and a worrying 18% have rarely or never defined content marketing KPIs.ROI is an issue too Management has long been obsessed with ROI as a crucial barometer of success. Despite this, a mere 8% of …


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