Capital Factory Launches 100K Challenge for Tech Startups

capital factory launches 100k challenge for tech startups


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Capital Factory, which calls itself “the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Texas,” has opened applications for the Human Performance Investment Challenge, which will close on June 28.
The finalists will be judged by a panel of entrepreneurs, defense industry leaders, and venture capitalists with $100,000, which will be awarded by Capital Factory on a convertible note, and a “new home” at Capital Factory’s Center for Defense Innovation on the line, according to a blog post.
The challenge will take place on July 15 during the first-ever Fed Supernova virtual conference, which is a “first-of-its-kind interactive experience” bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, corporations, and thought leaders in the defense industry, according to the post.
The two-day conference will also include keynotes, lightning talks, “Epic Office Hours,” and panel discussions. Army Futures Command’s Innovation Combine and xTechSearch programs have partnered with Capital Factory for the event.
To qualify for the Human Performance Investment Challenge, a tech startup must be based in the United States and developing hardware and/or software applications that improve a person’s physical or cognitive capabilities. You can apply for the challenge here.
Capital Factory’s Center for Defense Innovation
Last year, Capital Factory …



Visualizing Layoffs at Prominent Startups Triggered by COVID-19

visualizing layoffs at prominent startups triggered by covid-19


COVID-19 has brought the world to a halt—but after months of uncertainty, it seems that the situation is slowly taking a turn for the better.
Today’s chart measures the extent to which 41 major economies are reopening, by plotting two metrics for each country: the mobility rate and the COVID-19 recovery rate:

Mobility IndexThis refers to the change in activity around workplaces, subtracting activity around residences, measured as a percentage deviation from the baseline.
COVID-19 Recovery RateThe number of recovered cases in a country is measured as the percentage of total cases.

Data for the first measure comes from Google’s COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports, which relies on aggregated, anonymous location history data from individuals. Note that China does not show up in the graphic as the government bans Google services.
COVID-19 recovery rates rely on values from CoronaTracker, using aggregated information from multiple global and governmental databases such as WHO and CDC.
Reopening Economies, One Step at a Time
In general, the higher the mobility rate, the more economic activity this signifies. In most cases, mobility rate also correlates with a higher rate of recovered people in the population.
Here’s how these countries fare based on the …


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Dental Startup Overjet Raises $7.85M Seed Round

dental startup overjet raises $7.85m seed round


Massachusetts-based startup Overjet raised $7.85 million in a seed round to bring data-driven care to dental practices.
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For the past decade or so, dentists have been looking at financial data to understand what was happening in their practice, CEO Wardah Inam said. But by analyzing clinical data, she said, dentists get a better, more complete picture of their practice.
“I kind of got into it more from the patient care perspective, but what we realized was the technology we’re building has an impact on the dental industry, whether it’s insurance (companies) or dental organizations,” Inam said.
The company’s core is computer vision–using deep learning on dental images and data science to connect the imaging data with other dental practice data.
Overjet looks at clinical data, such as what procedures were done and what outcome was achieved. For example, Overjet could look at an x-ray and determine if a treatment is needed or not.
Some large insurance carriers use Overjet, along with large dental practice groups (groups of 300-plus practices) and smaller dental practice groups, Inam said. She declined to name customers, but noted that the company has millions of members.
According to …


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R.I.P. Civil — Lessons from a failed startup – Poynter

r.i.p. civil — lessons from a failed startup – poynter


The high-profile, blockchain-backed attempt to nurture nascent digital news sites is shutting down.

Civil, the high-profile, blockchain-backed attempt to nurture nascent digital news sites, is shutting down.
Its website continued to post stories from 100+ member organizations as recently as this week, but founder and CEO Matthew Iles told me Tuesday he had concluded the venture was not sustainable. It’s “the end of Civil,” he said.
Iles and his seven-person tech team will be folded into Civil’s main investor, blockchain studio ConsenSys, to develop new product strategies.
When I asked if there was a legacy, Iles paused for some time, then said, “I haven’t really thought about that. Civil will always hold a special place in my heart. It was a grand experiment — a moonshot — and we knew the odds were long.”
He said that he still believes that a self-governing, decentralized incubator for journalism startups has merit but would not predict how and whether the concept could be revived.
The unraveling of Civil has been in progress for at least six months.
Direct financial support of the member organizations stopped earlier this year. Ambitions to tie into established news businesses like the Associated Press stalled.
Vivian Schiller, …


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Cyber Daily: Cybersecurity Startups Feel a Pinch on Funding and Sales

cyber daily: cybersecurity startups feel a pinch on funding and sales


June 2, 2020 8:43 am ET


Good day. Cybersecurity startups are finding it takes longer to raise money, and generating sales is harder, as the new coronavirus pandemic’s effects continue to bite, WSJ Pro reports.
Even deals that were agreed to before the pandemic are taking longer to hammer out, as lawyers can no longer gather in the same room and thrash out contracts. Some companies also are finding their valuations are suffering as investors question long-term prospects.
Also today: Japanese telecom carrier NTT announces a cyber incident; Minnesota officials say the state is coming under cyberattack amid social unrest; a cybersecurity researcher hits paydirt while prospecting for software bugs in
Startup Squeeze

Cybersecurity startups are finding they have to do more with less, as the economic drag of coronavirus precautions makes it difficult to sell their products and enlist new customers while it simultaneously diminishes the size of their funding rounds, investors say.
There is a “definite slowdown and more deliberate pace” to venture investing, said Rick Grinnell, founder and managing partner of Glasswing Ventures LP, which is based in Boston and backs companies developing artificial intelligence-enabled security tools and other enterprise technology. The caution has …


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Lockdown: Startup to launch online funeral management service

lockdown: startup to launch online funeral management service


PUNE: In view of movement restrictions due to the lockdown, a Pune-based startup, which makes available services of priests and other material required for a prayer ceremony, is now planning to roll out a holistic funeral management service through its online platform.
As part of its ‘Moksha Seva’ service, the company aims to provide services like helping a family get the death certificate of the deceased, assembling a bier, transporting the body to preferred crematorium, obtaining crematorium pass, providing priest and material required for the last rites.
The company ‘Guruji on Demand’ also plans to assist bereaved families in the rituals to be performed after the last rites, Pranav Chaware, one of the firm’s partners, told , adding they plan to start the service by this month-end.
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, gatherings of relatives/neighbours are not allowed even during the funeral of a non-COVID victim, he noted.
In such a situation, the nuclear families, which are already in grief, at times find it difficult to arrange the necessary things required for the last rites.
“It is being observed that if someone dies in a family, the members some times have to run from pillar to post for the funeral …


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These Startups Are Helping Government to Accommodate COVID-19 – Express Computer

these startups are helping government to accommodate covid-19 – express computer


Read Article Covid-19 pandemic has shoved an enormous spanner within the operations of companies across industries. While the government is tracking the COVID-19 cases within the country and is aiming to increase the lockdown across the country,  these digital start-ups have come up with the new solution to handle it.Staqu – Launched AI-powered thermal camera for Covid-19 detection and responseThe Gurgaon-based start-up Staqu has launched a thermal camera under its video analytics platform, JARVIS. This technology will alert the system of anyone with a body temperature of above 37° C and examines heat signatures directly through the cameras, enabling authorities to spot and further inspect suspected virus carriers. The camera includes a range of up to 100 meters and might identify multiple people at the identical time. The technology is functional and effective in scanning crowded places like airports, railway stations, and malls, among others. Also, Using AI powered video analytics to identify COVID19 compliance it can detect Social distancing, crowd, mask and safety gears, contact tracing, and gives real time alert.Haptik – The Government of India launched MyGov Corona Helpdesk powered by HaptikThe Government has launched a WhatsApp chatbot to assist the address queries around the Coronavirus outbreak. The chatbot ‘MyGov …


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How SaaS product TOPPEQ is helping VCs and startups break down financial information

how saas product toppeq is helping vcs and startups break down financial information


In a world where data is a commodity, the time spent not analysing and taking action on the data is as good as money out of the bank. In the startup ecosystem, both companies and VCs need data to gauge the overall health and standing of a market – locally and internationally, draw up investment profiles, and break down their operations, among other things.TOPPEQ, a Gurugram-based startup, helps VCs and other startups understand their data better by providing real-time, accurate, and helpful analysis that can significantly enhance their quality and speed of making potentially life-saving decisions.Founded by Nandini Sankar in 2019, TOPPEQ’s cloud-based platform plugs into an investor’s workflow, and helps digitise and decode data generated by the fund’s portfolio companies into chunks that can speed-up the decision-making process, and consequently, the outcomes. Nandini Sankar, Founde, TOPPEQFor startups, it helps calculate their cash burn-rate in real-time, and ensures their cap table is up to date.TOPPEQ mostly targets the pre-IPO market, which means venture capitalists, startups, lawyers, auditors, and merchant bankers who assist in funding transactions can benefit from the platform.Nandini’s expertise in technology and finance, which she has honed over the last two decades, helped …


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52 Boston Startups Net $1.5 Billion+ In May |

52 boston startups net $1.5 billion+ in may |


Boston’s biotech industry raised more than $1.5 billion in venture capital funding in May, BostInno reported.Among the handful of startups to benefit from funding include Amwell, a Boston-based telemedicine company, that raised $194 million in Series C funding as some doctors treat patients by video messaging; Atea Pharmaceuticals, a Boston-based developer of therapies for viral diseases that raised $215 million in Series D funding; and Lowell startup Rapid Micro Biosystems, a provider of microbial detection technology, that received $120 million.BostInno reported that fundraising for new investments by venture capital and private equity firms was less but still evident.Cohere Capital Partners, a Boston-based private equity firm focused exclusively on middle-market growth companies, closed its initial fund at $200 million, and Founder Collective raised $85 million for its newest fund, BostInno reported.Below are the startups that raised capital in May, according to data compiled by BostInno.LaunchPad Medical of Lowell received a $2.5 million Direct-to-Phase II Small Business Innovation Research grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke to advance the development of Tetranite, its bone adhesive biomaterial technology.Boston-based Jellyfish, a startup behind an engineering management platform, raised more than $12 million in Series A funding from Accel and Wing Venture Capital. …


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Techstars KC returns: Meet 10 startups bringing diverse solutions to the rebooted accelerator

techstars kc returns: meet 10 startups bringing diverse solutions to the rebooted accelerator


The hotly anticipated Techstars Kansas City 2020 accelerator class features startups enabling greater transparency and access in healthcare, the food supply, and justice for all, said Lesa Mitchell.
Two of the ventures are based in St. Louis.
Lesa Mitchell, Techstars Kansas City
“We’re also welcoming companies with new platforms and new business models that will attract and facilitate broader talent pools and improve productivity for both technology companies and Main Street businesses,” said Mitchell, managing director for Techstars KC, which returns today after a hiatus in 2019.
Because of social distancing limitations, the accelerator is beginning with remote programming with hopes of cohort members eventually coming to Kansas City in August to complete the program at Techstars’ space within the Regnier Institute at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.
“We will look for opportunities to do some community convening during that time,” Mitchell said, noting the initial remote start will allow a wider array of mentors to assist the companies than would be possible in person.
Click here to see a full list of 2020 mentors for the intensive, 90-day program, which also includes seed funding and access to Techstars’ global network of alumni.
The diverse, internationally-sourced, 10-member class draws from as far …


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