Va. Considers Climate Change in New Coastal Resilience Plan | Chesapeake Bay Magazine

va. considers climate change in new coastal resilience plan | chesapeake bay magazine


Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Virginia Coastal Resilience Planning Framework is out, and it includes an unprecedented warning. In it, Gov. Northam clearly acknowledges that climate changes and coastal sinking are threatening communities and natural resources in much of TidewaterVirginia, from the Norfolk Naval Base to Tangier Island.

It’s the first time the state has sent such a clear message. The framework begins a comprehensive, collaborative, long-term planning process to accept, adjust, and adapt.

“The pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, but not the fact that our planet is warming, land is sinking, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are more frequent and more severe,” says Gov. Northam. “The science is clear: climate change is threatening our way of life, and there is no time to waste. We must act quickly and decisively—and the Coastal Master Planning Framework will be our roadmap to resilience in coastal Virginia.

The governor says the Commonwealth’s approach will use “cost-effective, nature-based, and equitable strategies” to protect peoples’ communities, infrastructure, and economy well into the future.

The Framework lists these guiding principles for the Master Plan and its initiatives: Acknowledge climate change and its consequences; base decision making …


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Overwhelming majority believe Australia is already experiencing climate change

overwhelming majority believe australia is already experiencing climate change


Climate change

Climate of the Nation report finds 80% think heating effects are now being felt and only 12% back government’s ‘gas-led recovery’

A firefighter backburning in Mangrove Mountain during vast bushfires that raged for weeks during the crisis.
Photograph: Jeremy Piper/AAP

Battling a global pandemic and the first recession in 30 years has not prompted Australians to worry less about the impacts of climate change, and a substantial majority of voters believe we are already experiencing the effects of warming, according to an authoritative snapshot of community attitudes.
The latest Climate of the Nation report, an annual national survey of almost 2,000 voters that has been running for 13 years, will be launched on Wednesday by the New South Wales environment and energy minister, Matt Kean.

The survey finds that 74% of the sample remains concerned about climate change, which is the same level as last year, and 80% of respondents think we are already experiencing climate change impacts.
Over the past five years, the number of Australians saying they believe climate change is already happening has increased by 15 points. The survey shows the number of Australians who think we are experiencing the impacts of climate change “a lot” has increased from 33% in 2016 to 48% …


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CRISPR Targets Climate Change

crispr targets climate change


The big climate change conundrum is how to provide the necessary calories, nutrition, and living materials to an increasing population without destroying the planet that we live on. According to the United Nations, the world’s population is expected to increase from 7.7 billion in 2020 to 9.7 billion in 2050 and could peak at nearly 11 billion around 2100.
“Climate change needs to be addressed with a sense of urgency. We can start to change the world today with contributions from different approaches and fields, encompassing various technologies, and scientific communities,” says Rodolphe Barrangou, PhD, distinguished professor & university faculty scholar, department of food, bioprocessing and nutrition sciences, North Carolina State University.
The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report on land takes on the scope of the 197 million square miles of land on Earth and two extremely complex questions about how land use contributes to climate change and how climate change affects land.
The report’s conclusions lay out a crucial paradox. Humans have harnessed land to develop into a highly successful species but in doing so have wreaked havoc. The destructive patterns of land use, in particular agriculture, deforestation, and development of wetlands, now contribute 23 percent of all human-caused greenhouse gas …


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Amy Coney Barrett and climate change: 2 views

iam platform login page background


President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett are shown last month during her nomination ceremony. The judge has said climate change is ‘politically controversial.’

Getty Images

Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who was elevated to the Supreme Court in a largely party-line vote Monday, offered comments on climate change during confirmation hearings that raise questions about how combating the global threat might be considered at the highest judicial level. Read: Amy Coney Barrett sworn in to the Supreme Court following Senate confirmation

Climate change is considered by many to be a high-stakes test for bipartisan deal-making — action, or inaction, that will shape the future of energy markets
global trade and security pacts, as well as public-health issues. Read: Fracking and the ‘Green New Deal’: Here’s where Trump and Biden stand on climate change Here’s a look at two views as environmental and energy operatives assess the prospects for federal-level climate-change action that could make its way to a Supreme Court that now has a 6-3 conservative majority. In anticipation of the confirmation, Rolling Stone published an op-ed signed by more 70 climate and science journalists whose work has appeared in such politically-varied publications as …


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A beloved Jamaican beach is succumbing to climate change. It won’t be the last

a beloved jamaican beach is succumbing to climate change. it won’t be the last


Climate countdown


Climate change is eroding beaches all over the Caribbean – even though the region contributes a tiny fraction of the emissions heating the planet

Hellshire beach, Jamaica, in 2008. The beach has largely disappeared since due to erosion.
Photograph: Zickie Allgrove/Getty Images

Sunbathing mothers keep an anxious eye out for children enjoying horseback rides, as groups of young men engage in energetic games of beach football and cricket. Further along, a boombox blasts as the smell of fresh fish wafts across the shoreline.
For years, this was the scene at the Hellshire Beach in Portmore, St Catherine, on a public holiday or weekend when Jamaicans and visitors alike would flock to one of the island’s most popular beaches. Today, however, parents no longer bring their children. The horses, along with most of the beachline, have long disappeared and the few visitors who come to Aunt Merl’s or Prendy’s on the Beach – two of the few remaining seafood restaurants left standing – are confined to the benches inside.


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How do candidates for the 4th District want to tackle climate change?

how do candidates for the 4th district want to tackle climate change?


How do candidates for the 4th District want to tackle climate change?



Updated: 10:51 PM EDT Oct 26, 2020

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***TOSS TO WEATHER*** **WEATHER** ***ED*** The holiday season … may have an unusual scent this year. ***MARIA*** We’ll explain, coming up. **PKG** (Open with music – this never changes) (Voice Over – this never Voice over: @ :06 “Now, Commitment 2020: Questions for the Candid ates” (Voice Over – changes with race) Voice Over: @ :52 “We asked the candidates for the Fourth Congressional District” (Voice Over – changes with each PKG) Voice Over: @ 1:58 “What steps do you believe are most necessary to deal with global climate change?” **WIPE** **SOT** (AUCHINCLOSS: 5:43 We’ve got to invest in green R&D, green infrastructure and green jobs. That means putting a price on carbon. That means asserting muscular federal oversight over protecting our clean water and our clean air provisions and updating those laws for the 21st century. And that means making significant investments from the proceeds of that carbon tax into green infrastructure projects. And here in Massachusetts, for example, that could look like electrifying our commuter rail system. Turning it into a true regional rail system that would benefit southeastern Massachusetts and other …


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