Sex Cult Leader, Facing Life Sentence, Regrets Nothing

sex cult leader, facing life sentence, regrets nothing


[Read our latest coverage of Keith Raniere’s sentencing.]Keith Raniere, the leader of a self-help organization called Nxivm, had been revered by throngs of loyal followers who promoted him as the smartest man in the world. They called him “Vanguard,” believing that his teachings would bring about peace and even influence elections.Mr. Raniere, 60, is now sitting in jail, convicted at trial as a con man who was exploiting Nxivm to enrich himself financially and recruit sexual partners, leading to its current reputation as a “sex cult.”He will return to court on Tuesday for his sentencing, facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in prison. His sentencing is expected to include hours of statements from victims.Still, Mr. Raniere carries no remorse and will not be seeking forgiveness, his lawyers said. He has accused the judge of corruption and demanded a new trial.“He is not sorry for his conduct or his choices,” his lawyers wrote in a court filing last month, adding that he “intends to fight this case with all of his might, confident that he will one day be vindicated.”Mr. Raniere’s sentencing in federal court in Brooklyn will be the …



How the Best Leaders Answer “What Are We Here for?”

how the best leaders answer “what are we here for?”


Executive Summary
Too often in a crisis, leaders resort to command-and-control leadership, focusing on rigid goals and rules to sustain the operations of their organizations. Instead, they should look to define the purpose behind their organizations. That shouldn’t be a top-down exercise: In examples from the NHS to private corporations and nonprofits, we can see that the best leaders develop the meaning of their organizations in concert with all those affected by it–employees, customers, patients, neighbors, and leaders.

Marco Bottigelli/Getty Images

In a crisis, the possibility of failure feels close. This often drives leaders into command-and-control mode: more-rigid schedules, tighter budgets, exaggerated targets, hyperbolic promises. Military metaphors proliferate. But during a crisis of deep ambiguity and uncertainty, what’s more important than the rhetorical demonstration of certainty is the formulation of a strong, shared sense of meaning. Leaders can’t impose this from above. Their role is to become activists who convene people — employees, suppliers, customers, members of the communities that the company serves — to explore and define that meaning together.

To succeed, in good times or bad, the leader of any organization must be able to answer the question “What are we here for?” In volatile …


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Walter Eiland on leadership: Care about others and not solely about yourself

walter eiland on leadership: care about others and not solely about yourself


Walter Eiland remembers a job jackhammering in the 1980s reconstructing elevated I-81 through downtown Syracuse.“I found it really interesting to make something better – to leave something in a better condition than what I found it,” Eiland said.He was working in housekeeping at Crouse Hospital, and he wanted some extra income, so he started his first business, Eiland Floor Care. He took courses and after five years in environmental services at Crouse, he landed a job in the hospital’s engineering department.Last December, Eiland retired after 27 years at the hospital. Now, he devotes attention to his second business, W.E. Enterprise Property Management, and to his active role in community organizations.In 2006, Eiland and Jerome Walker began their work to co-found the Central New York chapter of 100 Black Men. Eiland became well known and made a significant impact on the community, but he was reluctant to do an interview about leadership, even when assured it would be painless.“Actually, Stan, I don’t think it will be painless,” Eiland said. “You contacted me and said I’m a successful person or leader. A title of leader baffles me, because I don’t see myself as a leader. I’ …


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Black History Month: What does this mean for digital leaders?

black history month: what does this mean for digital leaders?


Seventy seven per cent of the NHS workforce is female and 20% are people of colour, and yet there are still only around 10 women of colour in CIO/ CCIO roles or similar across the NHS. Data clearly shows that black women are particularly under-represented in digital leadership roles. Many black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) women’s voices and talent are not heard or recognised.The Shuri Network is determined to continue to shine a light on BAME digital pioneers, challenge the NHS to do better and support our members such as Mary Olubi from Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust. During our inaugural webinar with Hunter Healthcare, Digital Leadership – Ingredients for Success, Olubi spoke eloquently about her struggle to progress in her career and the difference having a mentor, Cedi Frederick, the Chair of North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust made.
The response to our webinar highlighted the huge enthusiasm and appetite by BAME NHS staff to get involved with informatics and digital innovation, and the lack of structured career support to give them opportunities to succeed and thrive. Taking your first steps in healthtech, navigating your way through the digital career jungle, building support and knowing what …


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Decatur Public Schools leaders refuse to comment ahead of vote on proposed $30k bonus for asst. superintendent

decatur public schools leaders refuse to comment ahead of vote on proposed $30k bonus for asst. superintendent


DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Parents in the Decatur Public School District #61 are expressing concern over a proposal by the school board to give a $30,0000 bonus to a district leader.The School Board will discuss the bonus for Assistant Superintendent Jeffrey Dase its meeting on Tuesday. If approved, the $30,000 would equal roughly 20% of Dase’s current salary. The vote is being met with questions from the community.”He has not proven his qualifications yet,” Dr. Kevin Collins-Brown, a district parent said. “We have teachers leaving left and right, we have a lot of vacancies and this is all under his watch” The agenda says Dase should be given the $30,000 for his “efforts and accomplishments” during the 2020 fiscal year. What those accomplishments and efforts are remain unclear.Andrew Matthews with the Illinois Education Association, which works with local unions, says with the district expressing concerns about finances, and lack of confidence in Dase by the Decatur Education Association, now is not the time for a bonus, let along talk of one.”To even put that on the agenda seems to be a little bit tone deaf to what is happening around us when people are facing challenges,” Matthews said.One of the concerns for …


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South Carolina leaders react to Barrett’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court

south carolina leaders react to barrett’s confirmation to the u.s. supreme court


Judge Barrett is exceptionally qualified, and I am confident she will interpret the Constitution as it is written, protect our individual freedoms, and uphold the rule of law on which our nation was founded.She belongs on the Supreme Court, and we are fortunate to have her.— Congressman Tom Rice (@RepTomRice) October 27, 2020


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Editorial Counterpoint: Minneapolis schools need new leadership

editorial counterpoint: minneapolis schools need new leadership


If the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) are to make the changes needed in the district, it is vital that voters elect Sharon El-Amin (Second District), Adriana Cerrillo (Fourth District) and Michael Dueñes (at-large seat) to the school board.

The impediments to imparting a knowledge-intensive, skill-replete education to MPS students are a knowledge-deficient curriculum, ill-trained teachers and principals, the absence of scholars among those making academic decisions at the Davis Center (MPS central offices), a central office bureaucracy incapable of addressing these dilemmas and a corrupting context created by the larger public education establishment that extends from college- and university-based teacher training programs through the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) — with many tentacles reaching into a community of enablers.

The Comprehensive District Design (CDD) that was passed amid much controversy in May of this year admirably induces attendance at community schools, rationally redesigns transportation routes and centrally locates reevaluated magnet programs. But the plan does nothing to address the academic issues that lie at the core of the mission of any locally centralized school district.

To address the vexing dilemmas that send forth graduates so unprepared that one-third must take remedial courses on college and university campuses (less than 70% of MPS …


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LL COOL J: ‘In times like this, this country needs leadership’

iam platform login page background


TipRanks3 Big Dividend Stocks Yielding Over 7%; JMP Says ‘Buy’With markets showing volatile movements in recent sessions – down one day, up the next – some of Wall Street’s analysts are showing a renewed interest in high-yield dividends. Not that they have ever shied away from these steady income generators; rather, the market boom of this past summer led the Street to focus on share appreciation as the source of profits. Market fluctuations since early September have analysts and investors both taking a closer look at defensive plays.The research analysts at JMP Securities have been searching the markets for the ‘right’ buys, and their picks bear a closer look. They’ve been tapping reliable, high-yielding dividend payers as an investment play of choice. The TipRanks database sheds some additional light on three of JMP’s picks – stocks with dividends yielding 7% or better – and that the investment firm sees with 20% upside or better. Annaly Capital Management (NLY)The first name on the list from JMP is Annaly Capital Management. The company inhabits the mortgage-backed security niche, with $104 billion in total assets, primarily mortgage securities backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Annaly is one of the market’s largest REITs.The …


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Enlisted Leaders Defend Abrupt Tuition Assistance Cuts – Air Force Magazine

enlisted leaders defend abrupt tuition assistance cuts – air force magazine


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Top enlisted leaders defended the Air Force’s decision to reduce tuition assistance by $750, saying it was the best option available as the manpower directorate scrambled to find money over the summer or risk canceling classes.

In late September, the Air Force announced it was only going to pay $3,750 of college tuition for Airmen and space professionals each fiscal year, a reduction from the previous limit of $4,500. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass and Chief Master Sgt. Roosevelt Jones, the senior enlisted leader for the deputy chief of manpower, personnel, and services, speaking during an Oct. 26 town hall, said the service in 2020 had about $163 million allocated for tuition assistance. That funding ran out in July, and the service had to look elsewhere inside the A1 to make up that shortfall so it could eventually pay out about $180 million for tuition assistance.

“We had to go back and … try to find $17 million or $20 million dollars that wasn’t already allocated to it, otherwise we would have stopped classes come summertime,” Bass said. “The previous leadership team that was there was like we have to find the money, but what [that] meant is … something else didn’ …


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Servant Leader Empowers Women Across the World | Bethel University

servant leader empowers women across the world | bethel university


When she graduated with her master’s, Momanyi-Hiltsley and her husband, Bart, chased the sunshine by moving to San Diego. She became a data privacy corporate analyst for Dexcom, a company that creates continuous glucose monitoring technology for individuals with diabetes. And while Momanyi-Hiltsley loves her job, her true passion is empowering communities of color—especially the immigrant communities—to have access to knowledge and resources needed to thrive and be active members of their communities.
As her family prepared to move across the country, Momanyi-Hiltsley was also considering how she could give back to her community in Kenya. Prayerfully, she examined her heart, passions, and resources to see where God was leading her. She realized that empowering women and girls in Kenya was her calling. Her personal experience had led her to appreciate the opportunities America had to offer her as a woman of color. Momanyi-Hiltsley appreciated her privilege of being able got to school and make a better life for her and her family. She also recognized that many women in her home country did not have the same privileges and opportunities. “I come from a culture where, when you talk about women empowerment and when you talk …


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