Opinion – Are Social Media Platforms Championing Censorship?

opinion – are social media platforms championing censorship?

Joe Rogan, Spotify podcast darling, recently had another record-breaking appearance by Alex Jones with tag along and Alex’s adopted child Tim Dillon. If you have not seen it you can watch it below:

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The topics were fast and furious for most of the podcast, and much of it was typical hype on globalism and human rights conspiracies, but in the midst of all that, as is usually the case on a Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the audience was treated to a seminal moment.

That moment came when Alex started talking about how Artificial Intelligence was being deployed to create censorship algorithms used by Social Media Platforms, whom I will not name here, such that certain topics by keyword identification were simply removed from the platform or “shadow-banned” so that nobody saw them.

In effect machines were creating echo chambers that were shaping public opinion in very narrow categories using very narrowed information. In this sense the conversation was very relevant, very adult and very needed. Talking about this subject was also very brave for all who attended the podcast and I applaud them all for being so open about such a potentially devastating development.

This brief but enlightening foray was followed by an equally supercharged and interesting conversation about transhumanism and runaway progressivism. Tim Dillon said, “I think we should remain human for as long as we can.”

I happen to be pro-human as well. Nothing scares me more than the thought of becoming a silicon life form disconnected from my origins in carbon. Nothing. Further, to have that decision made for me is even scarier and what was the scariest was the possibility that echo chambers could slow walk that reality in such a way that I did not even realize I was “converting” until it was too late. I find that truly horrific. I find that just as horrific as live viruses in vaccines given to children in Sudan. I find that just as horrific as CRISPER creating new species outside of evolution. The advent of a species outside of our context of evolutionary development is something that literally horrifies me, especially when it makes its way into the manufacture of MRNA vaccines and how they can be used to change behavior.

There was a brief exchange about how carbon based life creates a carbon based atmosphere that continually renews itself with the introduction of carbon dioxide into the air that I found particularly interesting.

I also found Joe keeping Alex “vetted” to be more than a good gesture, it was endearing. I believe Joe truly loves his friend Alex and I also genuinely believe Alex is changing for the better, which is to say away from his unhinged conspiratorial ranting and into someone who very well could put rational evidence-based shit on the table and scare the living daylight out of every rational thinking person on the planet. Joe taking a real interest in Alex’s deteriorating health was also truly touching.

It’s Brave New World live and in color and living out loud and Social Media Platforms are the living embodiment of George Orwell’s prophetic work 1984. Holy mackerel, how did we get here?

Should Social Media Platforms be declared public utilities and regulated by the FCC? If they are should they still be allowed their exemption as content providers under the DMCA? I think yes to both.

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