Opinion – Are The US Elections EVER The ACTUAL End of the World?

opinion – are the us elections ever the actual end of the world?

Every election cycle here in America, Americans are bombarded by the mainstream, social and alternative media with the possibility that if “the other guy/gal/non-binary” gets elected, the ACTUAL end of the world is going to LITERALLY happen. Well, I’ve been around for a while and have seen many Presidents come and go. Guess what? The world is still spinning on its axis (albeit wobbly) and I can still sit on my porch and enjoy the sunset/sunrise with my Maltipoo, Mystique Mae.

This year feels somewhat more dramatic though doesn’t it? I suppose so. But where is all that drama coming from? When we tune out social media and the network news channels, the world returns to an eerie calm. Nobody is rushing in to ACTUALLY “take over the United States of America” and we are still able to sell our wares on the Global market (albeit in a little bit less of a monopoly that we had after we became the de facto empire on Earth following the horrors and destruction of World War II).

We see economists eating crow, we see globalists and nationalists alike meeting scenarios that dumbfound them, we see the most powerful economy the United States (or the world for that matter) has ever seen crumble in the face of an invisible little bug, we see the future being as fickle as it ever was. Yet, somehow, inexplicably, we continue to rant and rave about how much we absolutely know what is going to happen once this penultimate moment arrives on Earth and a new “most powerful person in the world (MPPTW) arrives on the throne (White House – Resolute Desk).

So what is all the fuss about? The mudslinging is epic this year as statements way beyond fact are more than just the norm, they are the expected response to assuage the crowd assembled for the carnage (admittedly watching on the screens of whichever device they prefer). Like ancient Rome and the Coliseum, we are witnessing a new level of debauchery that is most likely going to result in us once again being the laughing stock of the gods of time and space as we gawk at how wrong we were once again and shake our heads or scream at the sky or flop around.

I seem to remember this statement from a man who truly was a rebel against all that we are dealing with now only he was dealing with it back in Ancient Rome. Something about itching ears and following blindly every wind of doctrine and lying in wait to deceive? Totally rings any bell off of its mounts, I’d say. Where in the hell is common sense? I literally believe she has taken one of Elon Musk’s spaceships for Mars and gotten the hell out of here!

There are as many people who think that if someone else (anyone else) other than Donald J. Trump were President of the United States, that we would be virus free and sitting pretty as there are people who think that wearing a mask does not mitigate the spread of COVID19 (if they even believe that there actually is a virus that is). Both points fail miserably. It’s common sense that the virus would have gotten in and did its nasty nefarious thing no matter who was in office and it is equally common sense that masks DO mitigate the spread of that POS virus that has taken over 200,000 Americans off the planet (and that is just in America – there are, as of the date of this writing 1.14 million dead worldwide).

Today, however, something else has grown into a foul breathed monster – the first Horse of the Apocolypse – politicization. Every single thing you can think of is now fodder for a political “spin” cycle in the washing machine of public opinion. It’s just mind-shredding at it’s least and literally a frontal lobotomy after spending about ten minutes in our “new normal” public spaces (social media). I learned early on in my research while studying to become an information scientist that information can be held hostage and what you get is certainly not what gave rise to the information in the first place. There is no Office of Information Integrity (OII) (although I really, really, really wish there were) upon which we can lean in these raucously verbose times. We have fact-checkers, but even then it’s the foxes watching the foxes and promising not to eat the hens only to find out that every single hen is picked clean to the bone in the morning with the sheepish foxes shrugging their shoulders and saying “whoopsie, I guess we better do a better job of getting better at that and we’ll bet you we will be better at making that sooner than later too” (heads feverishly nodding and eyes winking at other nodding heads as far as the eye can see).

So where are the people? Not just the American People (apparently this world’s archetype of a “people”, whatever the hell that means), but all people worldwide? It’s actually dumbfounding to consider that the American and French Revolutions happened within the last 300 years and that something so significant for the people – AKA the proletariat (the likes of which has never, literally ever, happened on this planet before) could have happened and yet be so completely insignificant just 300 years later (some would say irrelevant – Remember George W. Bush saying the “damn Constitution was just a piece of paper”?). Trump has openly joked about being a dictator and both sides are salivating for just that. FDR was close with 4 terms and we got the New Deal from him which admittedly pulled us out of the depression, but inarguably restructured the American Dream to such an extent that it may have extinguished it as soon as the ink was dry. It just took us this long to realize it.

So what is left standing in the ashes? Only equity really. The equity of the Empire is the last thing standing when the Empire falls. That’s when the looting begins and the looting always begins internally. The foxes are leaving the dry meatless bones and scurrying off to a new hen house…oh, wait, there are no more hen houses left, that’s right, everything is leveraged and our creditors are the wolves come to eat the foxes. But, wait, we have nukes! Yeah, the nukes will save us! (You can’t eat nukes. Well, you can, but you die.). Have you ever seen a video of jackals killing and eating a lion? It happens and it is savage and it stuns you to see the power in that lion being consumed in that way.

That brings us to the second Horse of the Apocalypse, cannibalization. The Empire is eating itself and what a starving creature will do to survive will shock any sense of decency out of you. The stark raving madness of a starving creature is a sight one must nightmarishly behold. We think we have seen the height of people (indeed THE people) being thrown under the bus? Not even getting started. Just wait until the entire global economic system collapses under the strain of the global shutdown! There is a reason nobody is talking about it. Anyone in the know knows that this is the big one. THE tsunami, the whopper, the 800-pound gorilla in the china shop. It starts with the blame game and ends with targeted removal. Happens every single time. Only this time humanity has become really, really clever at removing things. Just wait, it’s coming to a patrolled neighborhood near you. Speaking of stark raving madness, think of the money that is raised to elect the guy/gal/non-binary who is supposed to be convincing as one of us against the will of the two-headed party monster in DC. Think of that ungodly amount of money and for one minute realize what that money could do for so many really groundbreaking projects that actually help people? If you do that, I will warn you, (speaking of removing) it is not only going to remove your sanity, it may remove your life (if you talk about it long enough – the “elections” are now a matter of national security and not just a gentleperson’s game – you do or say the wrong thing and whammo, you are done – people are being locked up all over the world for just that – some of them are disappearing – seriously – we literally live in deeply dangerous times and yet the best we are doing about it is to laugh about it or hold up some signs or scream at the sky while burning sage while our buddies bang on sacred drums blessed by the circle of holy shamans we collected from the alleys and shantytowns of America).

Which brings us to the third Horse of the Apocalypse – divisiveness. Do you remember when everyone was American? Do you really? I do. It was lovely. We were safe to agree or disagree with anyone we chose and still at the end of the day if we were facing any trouble, either in our neighborhoods or in the global neighborhood, we would stand up and fight side by side until our ability to agree or disagree with each other was safe again. We were sovereign individuals with a sense of each other. We made up our own minds. We considered other thoughts opinions, not facts. The only facts were what we directly experienced, not what we were told by some third party “reporting” an anonymous third party’s recollection of a third party’s version of a third party statement that because it has a lot of “views” it must be a fact.

Divide and conquer. Remember that? United we stand. Remember that? What in holy hell really matters if we don’t have a place for that to matter in? Literally, everyone is fanning the flames of the fire of our funeral pyre. Literally, everyone. What is truly scary is that it started with those who could afford to escape the flames (initially – nobody will escape what’s coming), the talking heads and the insanely rich masters of the talking heads, and then it spread through repetition to those who could not afford to escape the flames and they are bringing on their own destruction in a mosh pit of divisive politics that if I were the betting type would really make me consider hedging against the possibility that the two-party system was a well-designed Trojan horse that history will rightly pinpoint as the destruction of the Last Empire this age will see (federalist papers notwithstanding).

Which brings us to the fourth Horse of the Apocalypse – eugenics. CRISPR is now poised to do anything we want to the DNA of this planet. We have already flipped 72 DNA “switches” in a single pig and that was to reproductive DNA. That means that the pig passed those changes on to its baby piggies and they lived and they are piggies but with very different piggy DNA. We have the absolute ability to create and deliver “designer babies” right now. That is not a joke or a dramatic statement. It is a fact. We can deliver a baby that is mommy and daddy but extremely tall, smart, beautiful and muscular. We can do that to your next child. We can also remove DNA based diseases at an increasingly higher accuracy. We have lots of support for doing this to non-reproductive DNA so that you could do anything you want as long as you can’t pass it on. Eugenics is now being considered like getting a tattoo or a piercing. It’s like legalizing cannabis. It’s legalizing the removal of billions of years of organic development without a clue of what that does to everything else. But that is not the scary part (well the kitsch way in which it is becoming popular is nightmarishly terrorizing). The truly scary part is that these changes are INJECTABLE. They are also something that you can do to A VIRUS (think airborne virus). Further, they are fully capable of being targeted at ethnic groups, gender, or any number of DNA traits (of which there are thousands). In a divisive desperate time in which nobody trusts anyone and all they want to do is survive and will do anything to do so, that technology becomes increasingly tempting as a “humane” way to remove what is now unlike you. Remember this…Divided we fall, united we stand.

At the end of it all will you remember that you were not born divided? Will you remember what it really meant to be American? Will you remember that you once were a beacon to the world for that very reason? Will you remember that the branch falls with you on it if you saw it off between where you stand and the trunk? Will anyone remember these things and start talking about them? Or, will it really be the end of the world this time?

I have hope that we will remember. That we will rise up and demand that business as usual and divisive politics are not going to be our end. Let whatever violence come upon us, we will rise to meet that and together we will prevail, but never let it be said that we squabbled away our security in meaningless fandom bickering. We are not a laughing stock because of the Presidents we elect. We are a laughing stock because we believe that any of them are our saviors. They are not our saviors. They are our servants. They are one of us. One like you, one like me. They are Americans. One way or another we are going to end up on the troop carrier headed for the beach and the bullets where everyone is equal. That’s just life. You are either worthy or not. Life will test that into reality and the Universal Community of Life will pick the bones clean of those who do not make it – mercy notwithstanding.

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