Saratoga Springs possible site for drone coronavirus test delivery



SARATOGA SPRINGS – Medicines delivered by drone might be on its way to the Spa City.Big Rock Technologies, a finalist in the NATO Innovation COVID Challenge, received a thumbs up from City Council on Tuesday night, allowing the city to be the testing grounds for contactless delivery of COVID tests and medicine.

Big Rock Director of Operations Adam Luaces said the local drone deliveries would come at no cost to the city, but would advance the technology by creating a larger medical supply drone-delivery chain.

To get there, however, the Saratoga Springs company needs to win a $1.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Thus, city buy-in, demonstrated with a letter of intent from the council, is required.

If funded, the trial with the drones would not start until January 2022.

“We would love to be part of your city. That is all we can be asking for,” Luaces told the City Council. “It could help us build a robust innovation company here in this area where technology can be built upon. It will be extremely helpful to our company as we grow.”

Luaces said the city location is ideal as it is close to the eastern border of the drone corridor that was established last year at Griffiss International Airport in Rome, where drones are being tested for eventual commercial use and where the FFA is developing an air traffic control system. He also said the medical deliveries would likely go to first responders and those living in rural and …