NutriFlo IV Lounge and Med Spa Brings IV Vitamin Therapy to Coral Springs



Carla Joseph, CEO, and founder of NutriFlo IV Lounge and Medspa.
By Jill Fox
Beginning November 24, a new type of sustainable self-care and wellness to stimulate good health opens its doors in Coral Springs.
NutriFlo IV Lounge and Med Spa empowers people to improve their immune system through IV hydration therapy and look more beautiful in the process.
“Overall, I’m looking to bring health and wellness to the Coral Springs community,” said Carla Joseph, CEO, and founder of NutriFlo IV Lounge and Medspa.
Joseph, a board-certified nurse practitioner, has more than ten years of experience in health and wellness. Her mission is to empower people to look and feel good.
She and her husband, McAshley, have lived in Coral Springs since 2018 and have three small children, ages seven, five, and two. In addition to co-owning NutriFlo, the Josephs are also in the process of opening Burgerhive, a vegan burger joint in Davie.
About two years ago, after working as a nurse in many different types of modalities, Joseph began working solely with IV therapy.
She said it improves physical wellness, boosts metabolism, and rehydrates the skin while giving the body the nutrients it needs to stay in top condition and strengthen its immune system.
First, she started with a concierge business, where she would travel to the clients to give treatments in the comfort of their own homes.
“It provides wellness from the inside out,” she said. “If you’re dehydrated and your skin is parched, you won’t …