Microsoft Word – Use an Excel Spreadsheet for Mail Merge Contacts

Personalize names, addresses, and much more in bulk email or documents. Any data stored in an Excel workbook can be used to personalize communications.

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Note: These steps only cover what’s shown in this video. For detailed steps on how to do a mail merge, please see Mail merge using an Excel spreadsheet.

Use an Excel spreadsheet for mail merge contacts

  1. Open the Word document that you want to mail merge.
  2. Select Mailings > Select Recipients.
  3. Select Use an Existing List.
  4. Select the Excel spreadheet you want to use, and select Open.
  5. Select the worksheet that you want to use, and select OK.Each worksheet name ends with $.
  6. Select Edit Recipient List to view the data source, select the checkboxes for the people you want to send to, and select OK.
  7. Save your Word file, to save the connections you’ve made.