Microsoft OneDrive Slow Download and Upload Speed


Microsoft OneDrive used to be pretty great.  Used to be.  If you were using OneDrive with Windows 8.1 or OS, you were doing pretty good.  Uploads and downloads worked like a charm.

Recently, with Windows 10 update, OneDrive stopped working.  The upload and download speeds tanked (I currently get a whopping .1Kb/s upload and download) and chronic network failures accompany any attempt to get your data off of OneDrive, either through direct download or with a cloud account aggregator.  No matter what connection you use to try and mitigate the hostage situation your data is in on OneDrive, you are screwed.  I currently have 150 GB of data on OneDrive that over four years or so I have accumulated (this includes really precious family photos).  Since the sync function would take the rest of my lifetime to actually sync with my computer and the direct download feature never completes a download over, say, 40 MB, I am eternally screwed.  My data is only viewable online with whatever browser extensions I can muster to view my data.

I have reached out to Microsoft OneDrive support but it is in a word, dismal.  They keep saying for years and years that the engineering team is aware of the issue and are working hard to fix it, but after so many years, how hard are you actually working?  Right?

So if you have not started using OneDrive, STOP.  Remove OneDrive using your Install/Remove Programs function in the control panel and never, ever let it on your machine again.  If you are already using OneDrive and you are in the same hostage negotiation situation that I am in, I feel for you.  You are shit out of luck my friend because Microsoft does not give a rats ass about you or your data.  Four years of online complaints by many, many people and absolutely ZERO fixes forthcoming.  Sounds like the middle finger to me.

Also, I am a PAYING customer.  I paid for Premium Office 365.  I keep it because the other suite services are pretty great.  But the touted ability to “do everything online” is way overstated.

Finally, Amazon Cloud Services and Google Drive have ZERO issues with upload and download.  They work flawlessly.  It sure would be great if I could move my data from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive.  But alas, the network failure issue is present no matter what solution I try to employ (and believe me after hundreds of hours of masterful Google FU, nothing works).

So if you have any suggestions that I may have missed please feel free to comment and share with the community your insights.  Or if you just want to rant against Microsoft, be my guest!