Influencers Don’t Ignore LinkedIn.


I had a moment.

Speaking in a Webinar in early 2017 I was actually caught saying what I legitimately thought (at the time) about LinkedIn.  My response? “Resume repository.”  Yep.  That was what I sincerely believed.  Great reference, that’s about it.

Ugh.  But in my defense, LinkedIn has improved TREMENDOUSLY in the past year and now it is time to revisit this assessment.  Long story short?  LinkedIn has come alive guys and gals!

Linkedin is the Facebook for Professionals.  It’s a different bird, so don’t do what you do on Facebook on LinkedIn.  You need to have filters that address the professional marketplace.  You can be candid, you can’t be stupid.  Remember, you are presenting the professional side of yourself in a personal way.  That said, LinkedIn has over 400 million members worldwide!  That’s one in three professionals worldwide.  That is NOT unimportant.   Why?  Because that kind of engagement is always important and learning how to engage that engagement is what makes you an influencer!

With my deeply felt apology in place and my explanation for why I thought that way, let’s delve into some ways that you can improve your LinkedIn Presence and dominate your information on that platform.  In the next section, we will give you a numbered list of things that if you are going big on LinkedIn you should expect from that effort (and if you are not getting these things from LinkedIn, then you are not doing something right).

  1. Leads.  You should be getting leads from your profile on LinkedIn.  I am NOT talking about the endless stream of spam emails you will inevitably get in your LinkedIn inbox.  I AM talking about the interactions you will have with legitimate GROUPS you join to engage professionals in your field or are seeking professionals like you in your field (for services).
  2. Credibility and authority.  You should be using your profile and engagement on LinkedIn to push your expertise in your chosen niche.  This provides engagement that backs that up.  If you are not getting this kind of feedback then you are not doing something right.
  3. Vetting.  Guess what?  LinkedIn owns the professional space on Google search.  Fact.  When people search for your name, the chance that your LinkedIn Profile is going to come up on page one is pretty much 100% (unless there are a lot of people with your same name – but that means you should use your full name on your resume – hint: that is why I do).  Simply put, LinkedIn power on Google should broadcast your verification of you.  It is your ID and a very, very reputable one.  Use it.  If you are not concerned about this, you should be.

Finally here are some things you can do to make sure you have “done it right.”

  1. Complete your profile.  There is a completion meter and help prompts to help you on your journey to completion.  Just be sure to be TRUTHFUL and TRANSPARENT when you enter information.  Nothing screams NO when considering you than information about you that is not backed up with verifiable trace.  Example: your education should lead to an actual institution, not “School of hard knocks” or “University of life”.  If you don’t have anything that can be traced back to something concrete and institutional, don’t list it.
  2. LinkedIn allows you to have a personalized URL.  Be sure to claim yours using the easy four-step process for doing so.  It reinforces your brand.
  3. Get a good profile pic and post it.
  4. Find and upload a relevant and high-quality background image.
  5. Be sure four and five are color compatible.
  6. Get a professionally produced video about your personal brand and post it in your details section.
  7. Documentation beats conversation, every time.  If you can back it up, then do so, every time.
  8. Personalize, personalize, personalize.  Use YOUR voice, not some distant third person who will only serve to put them to sleep.  The third person is drone person.  Zombie person.  You are not a zombie (or at least I hope not, lol).  Neither is your profile.  Be personable, tell your story in your way with your words.  Make them want to read your story and then make sure you do that in a way that presents your value.  The best way to do that is to make your story make them think and consider you as an option for something they need.

I Hope you enjoyed this little exercise in expanding your LinkedIn Presence.  If you did then, please CONNECT WITH ME on LinkedIn!  View my profile for a look at this in action.  Further, if you liked this kind of dominance of your information get more on my Twitter corporate page and my personal page.

See you on the IN side.  Stay hungry and open to new knowledge.  If we are not learning, we are dying.  Literally.  Dominate your information folks.

All my very best always,

Benjamin Alexander De Mers