IAM Social


IAM Platform is the home of IAM Network, a 60,000 person (and growing) community of information professionals worldwide.  Currently we are concentrating our Social Media Marketing | Social Media Management on our properties located at LinkedIn and Twitter due to the excellent engagement we have there.  We invite you to join us on each of our channels.

We also host a vibrant and influential Twitter Chat!  What is a Twitter Chat?  A Twitter Chat is a group of individuals with a common set of interests all using what is called a hashtag to concentrate talking points on a given subject using Twitter’s aggregation service centered around hashtags.  When you choose a hashtag, twitter starts tracking that hashtag and when you search for that hashtag or click on a hashtag on the Twitter Platform, you are taken to a page that has all the tweets that contain that hashtag.  We started the hastag #TopInfluence about two years ago and it has grown from just a few tweets per day to over 3000 tweets per day and growing.  If you choose to join our Twitter Chat, we will retweet your tweet to our over 6 million retweet reach.  Your tweet will be viewed by a professional audience!  If you want to use our portal for doing so, which makes it much easier to concentrate on the Twitter Chat.  Access all of our social media properties using the friendly slides below: