Auto-Publish WordPress Posts to Twitter


If you were ever wondering how to post your WordPress post automatically to Twitter, then here is the tutorial for you!

First you want to navigate to the plugins main page in your WordPress back end.  Next you want to select to add a new plugin.  Search for XYZ SMAP and then click to install and then activate the plugin.

Now navigate with your main dashboard menu to Social Media Auto Publish and select Settings.

Follow these instructions.

First you want to create a Twitter application.  DON’T RUN AND HIDE!  It’s easy.  Just follow the steps.  Take your time.

Creating Twitter Application

Creating Twitter Application

To create a twitter application, go to

Enter with the twitter username.

Twitter Developers1

In the “Create an application” page, enter the application name, application description, your website url and continue with the terms and conditions and captcha and click the “Create your Twitter application” button.

You are now on this page. (PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE KEYS NOW)

twitter app details

Here the access level is Read only. We need the “Read and Write” permission. For this click the modify app permissions link (or go to the Permissions tab).  If Twitter has already assigned you read and write capability then you may skip this section.  HINT: if you have not been auto granted permission then you most likely need to generate your token.  See below.

access level

Here select the “Read and Write” access level and click the “Update Settings”.

If you have not added your mobile number it will display an error message.

twitter mobile error

To add your mobile number to your Twitter profile from the web:

1. Log in to and click on the gear icon.
2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

twitter settings

3. Click on the Mobile tab.
4. Choose your country from the first drop-down menu.
5. Enter your mobile number. No need to include your country code or leading zero.
6. Click Activate phone to begin verifying your phone.

mobile number

7. You will be sent a code via SMS message.  Enter that in the box Twitter is asking you to do so and click submit.  Your phone is now activated.

Now go to the API Keys tab and click on the “Create My Access Token” link.

access token

Now you can see the API Key, API Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret in the API Keys tab.

The Read only level is not changed, please regenerate the keys.

Now go to your main menu in your WordPress Installation and scroll down to the XYZ SMAP and select Settings.

Enter in all the information from your Twitter Application’s settings page into the settings page for activating the SMAP application.

Save the settings.  You will now be activated to autotweet your WordPress Posts.  You can select to not have a post autotweeted as well.

When you have created a post scroll down to underneath your main post edit box social media auto publish widget.  The options for twitter are there.  Select the options you wish and they will be carried out when you publish the post.

If you want to be able to do the same thing for Facebook and LinkedIn just follow the tutorials below for those social sites.