Holiday nutrition tips from Alton Memorial



The New Year is when we start making resolutions to lose weight. The main reason we need to do that is because we ate too much over the holidays.Stepping on the scale the first week of January doesn’t necessarily need to be a dreadful experience. Karen Arensmann, a registered dietitian at Alton Memorial Hospital, has a few tips to make sure we’re maintaining a healthy diet amidst all the holiday festivities.“And with COVID-19 this year, stress eating has become more of a problem,” Karen said. “But maybe with, or instead of, the stress eating, some stress walking is a great idea. Keeping yourself moving is extremely helpful, along with eating sensibly.”

Perhaps the number of large get-togethers will be reduced this year because of the pandemic, but all the holiday food is still going to be there. Arensmann says that if you are hosting a dinner, make sure the menu includes healthy food choices such as fruits, vegetables and lean meats.“Uncooked vegetables, and fruit, should always be a part of the meal,” she said. “Stay away from the dips if you can. Those just add a lot of unnecessary extra calories.”Above all, Arensmann said that eating shouldn’t be the focus.“At the holidays, we should be thinking about the simple things,” she said. “And the best part of the holidays is being together with family and friends, at least as much as we should be safely this year with the pandemic in mind. …