Here’s why health experts say gathering in groups over the holidays is a bad idea during the pandemic



Evidence of such coronavirus spreads has already been seen in many parts of the country this year — including at funerals, weddings and even small to medium-sized get togethers with friends.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that superspreading events, as they are often called, “are associated with both explosive growth early in an outbreak and sustained transmission in later stages.” Now, as Thanksgiving quickly approaches, health experts are worried holiday gatherings — even if they are not large in size — could result in massive spreading nationwide. As of Thursday, the US has reported over 11 million coronavirus cases and 250,000 deaths. Coronavirus can commonly spread “through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as those in aerosols,” which are produced even when a person breathes, according to the CDC.”One of our concerns is people over the holiday season will get together and they may actually be bringing infection with them to that small gathering and not even know it,” Dr. Henry Walke, Covid-19 incident manager for the CDC, told reporters in a conference call on Thursday.A ‘domino effect’ Even intimate gatherings can have consequences. In November, an Election Night watch party, attended by at least six people, created a small outbreak in Fresno, California.Serop Torossian, Kaiser Permanente government affairs manager, hosted the party at his home with guests that included Fresno Mayor-Elect Jerry Dyer, Fresno County Supervisor Steve Brandau and Darium Assemi, a local businessman. Brandau admitted he was experiencing symptoms while at the …