Exclusive: Prodigy Agency’s stars receive health coaching with Gscience



Player management firm Prodigy Agency will provide their stars with committed health and performances coaches.

The agency has partnered with esports health and performance company Gscience in a commitment to all of their players.
They represent some of the biggest stars in esports, with players across Counter-Strike, Valorant, League of Legends, FIFA, and Rocket League.
The likes of Team Liquid’s ScreaM, Team Vitality’s apEX and ZywOo, Cloud9’s $1.65m signing Woxic, G2 Esports’ Mixwell, and FunPlus Phoenix’s Ange1 will all now look to get a boost in-game from their efforts away from the server.
BLASTNBK-, ISSAA, and mantuu of OG will all benefit from this partnership.
Gscience will provide tailored performance coaching and workshops to those on Prodigy’s roster in an attempt to “improve the performance of the players whilst optimising their health and wellness.”

“Our main mission with Prodigy Agency is to take care and support our players from all angles,” said Jérôme Coupez, Prodigy Agency’s CEO. “Health, wellness and performance is obviously one of the most important verticals for esports players, especially with the current global situation, and it was important for us to find the right partners.”
The health and performance specialists will complete performance audits with each of the agency’s players, allowing them to create specific programs for the competitors to follow.
The alliance will also see Prodigy and Gscience promote mental health across gaming and esports. In Counter-Strike, this has become a pertinent topic following Astralis’ gla1ve …