DC Alliance is to Empower Blockchain and Solve Application Problems

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 16, 2020 / DC Alliance is a technology-oriented community autonomy organization, set up spontaneously by all kinds of talents in computer engineering, cryptography, mathematics, economics and finance. At present, DC Alliance is committed to the future business, empowering the blockchain, and solving application problems.

DC Alliance’s Financial Layout includes a Decentralized Financial Infrastructure and a ” Basket of Stabilized Currency” and Decentralized Exchange. As block chain technology has broad prospects in the fields of digital currency, payment settlement and the Internet of Things finance, DC’s decentralized financial infrastructure takes the Alliance as the center, actively arranges each kind of financial business, improves the existing financial system, and creates the fair and just trading environment. In addition to that, “A Basket of Stabilized Currency” of DCCY was officially issued and the decentralized exchange will be launched on June 1, breaking the boundaries of traditional centralized finance and redefining the market.

DC alliance technology hackers also spontaneously formed the DC decentralization technology alliance, which is committed to the development and promotion of DCCY so as to promote the safe development of the open source ecological community. In their point of view, blockchain can be shared, transparent and decentralized, not only in the financial sector, but also it has the potential in the application in the banking, insurance, the Internet of Things and other sectors.