IAM Platform Influencer and Super Stars Qualifications

Hello Everyone!

Some of you have noticed that we began a new tier of promotion for a certain classification of individuals who have achieved a certain level of influence and engagement with IAM Platform.  These are the true Super Stars and their metrics prove it.

Some of you also have asked that we clarify what this new list is and what it is all about.  We understand achievers like you all will want to wrap your head around it so here goes.

The point of this list is to single out true Super Stars.  As always STATS rule here.  While we understand you may be famous, engagement is the metric we use to establish this list.  Name recognition is great, but if you don’t engage then, well, you are sort of invisible while being present.  That’s not good in a SOCIAL situation.  So we designed and launched a branding service called #TopInfluence which allows anyone who has 10K or more Twitter Followers to receive a FREE promotional package (worth some $$$) and all we ask is that you do a few things in return.


  1. You must have 10 K or more followers
  2. You must NOT mute IAM Platform ( anti-social and keeps you from doing #3).
  3. You are encouraged to engage (retweet, reply, like, follow, click links, click hashtags, open media, etc.).  We base our engagement metrics on your engagement while on IAM Platform ONLY.  Without this kind of engagement, you cannot qualify as a Super Star.
  4. You must remain a follower of IAM Platform.

FOR SUPER STAR ENTRY – All of the #TopInfluence entry qualifications plus:

  1. You must have 200K or more followers AND/OR
  2. You must win the Monthly Retweet Reach Contest (Monthly Retweet Contest focuses on tweets that feature you that you have retweeted to your followers.  When you retweet content we produce that features you, we receive an impression count of all the followers of yours that viewed the retweet.  We tally that up and in this manner, we are able to gauge your true influence and reach.  Robots and fake followers will not register an impression because it uses the Twitter “View” parameters to qualify impressions.  We are truly interested in PEOPLE who actually see your tweets and retweets – our definition of influence).
  3. You can be on the list with less than 200K followers with a Monthly Retweet Reach Win.
  4. You cannot be on the list unless you have a Monthly Retweet Reach Win regardless of how many followers you have.
  5. You must not MUTE IAM Platform

So what content are we talking about that you have to engage with in order to qualify for free promotion of you or your brand?

We have various information products that we produce using our own tools, tools created by third parties, and Twitter in order to understand your engagement metrics.  These engagement metrics allow us to orient our curation, tips, tools, reviews, products, and services in such a way that everyone benefits from the growth directions these metrics “teach” us we can all go in together.  Currently, this has resulted in the following action points  from which we leverage value:

  1. Big ShoutOut – this is a professionally crafted bio of you and your expertise niche (best we can do on Twitter anyway).  This is tweeted and then saved to a “Moment” which allows us to evergreen this content on a weekly basis when Twitter “resets” the retweetability of that tweet.  The initial tweet, as well as the ensuing retweets, allow us to gauge our native network response to your “influence” as well as the remote response to your “influence” on your own networks through your retweet of content we produce featuring you.  This applies to all the content that we produce which will be listed below.
  2. #Cool2Follow – This is a segmentation of the total field of vetted influencers who, in groups of five, are placed in this spot on any tweet we craft manually.  This allows us to monitor your influence on that tweet through engagement targeted at your Twitter Username (replies, retweets, likes, link clicks – yes Twitter considers your @username as a link click).
  3. Thank yous – These are generated each time someone follows, likes, retweets or replies to anything that mentions our @username.
  4. Stats Blast – Detailed statistics on your account and activity from ALL activity across Twitter and on the IAM Platform.
  5. Recommended Connects – Stats will show us who is compatible and who is not and we offer these recommendations to you either in a tweet or DM whichever you prefer.
  6. Retweet your latest ten tweets and your pinned tweet – We will retweet your last ten tweets on a given day that we choose.  If you want them posted at the ideal time for your channel, then that is not free, but we can discuss this.
  7. #TopInfluence #TwitterChat – our weekly TwitterChat using the hashtag #TopInfluence where we discuss all things influence and more.  While you can get a focused session on Wednesdays starting at 1PM and ending whenever our fingers fall off, we recommend that you monitor that hashtag all throughout the week because influencers like you are encouraged to post to that hashtag on all things influence.
  8. Audacity Kings and Queens List – our yearly ranking list of those who have audaciously engaged and show real initiative in methods of engagement.
  9. Professionally crafted partnership promotions – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional creatives for that collaboration as long as there is clear value present for both parties.
  10. Speaking engagements – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional topics for discussion and carry forth that speaking engagement as long as it results in a clear and present value for both parties.
  11. Podcasts and video – we will collaborate with anyone and create professional sessions and video content on defined topics and carry forth the sharing or collaboration as long as there is demonstrable value for both parties.

This list is growing daily.  There is an opportunity for “plugs” to be inserted anywhere and everywhere in any of these directions we are going with our products and services.  We insert those plugs as you earn them by participating on the IAM Platform.

So it’s not a trophy for everyone, but it is meritocratic.  As you participate your metrics show it and you receive a promotion.  We will always inform you of any promotion that you are qualified for and you can refuse to participate at any time.  If you refuse to participate AFTER a promotion is run, we cannot remove you from any promotions that have already run.  They are part of the Twittersphere, presumably forever.

We offer both FREE and PAID products and services, just like anyone else does.  So if you ever want to know more, ether pop over to our corporate website, or DM us.  We would be happy to discuss any project you have in mind from web development, app development, and data analysis to SMM and more.  We are the World’s Largest Information Professional’s Network.  If it needs to be done, we can get it done, together.  Ultimately we leverage the social in social media.  That is a powerful thing.  As we all participate we all grow this platform and that is power that all of us can use.

Again, if you have any questions, just reach out to us via DM or email at  Either way, we are quick to answer.  You can also reach us at using Messenger.

The point of all this is to provide a place where influencers can go to SAFELY interact with vetted individuals who will not spam them and who will do no harm.  That is worth something to everyone, so let’s build this together.  Plus as we go along we can teach others and help them see that methods that harm do not have to be used if we all participate together to help each other.

See you on the Platform and thanks for listening.

All my very best always,

Benjamin Alexander De Mers
Founder and CEO
IAM Platform

The Magic In Giving

IAM Podcast - How to monetize your blog

This week we have seen some pretty volatile stuff, haven’t we?  First @TonyRobbins sticks his head where the sun doesn’t shine and tries pushing an agenda with a real victim of sexual abuse because he was tone deaf immersed in his own “juice” (and for the record I don’t think Tony is a bad person, he just really, really allowed his ego to get in the way).  Second, we have more revelations that Social Media Platforms are doing more with your data than they should be (frankly I think we all suspected this).  Finally, we have all forms of e-commerce architecture coming under scrutiny as the government begins to probe taxes on the Internet.  What a week.

Some great examples of areas where giving has gone awry.  No?  So let’s examine giving and kindness and how it can be used for good and for growth and benefit to all.

In order to do that we first have to examine the word itself.  Giving is the act of exchange without expectation of return.  Giving differs from investment and does not consider returns.  It is a release, not a grasp.  For this reason, it is free and whatever is free is powerful.  It is not enslaved to emotions or agendas.  This is precisely why giving has the potential for magic.  OK enough blabbing.  Let’s examine some concrete examples.

The first magic you experience when you start giving is the breaking down of walls and trenches that desperation builds.  It does not start slowly either.  It’s a freaking avalanche.  Why?  Because nobody, literally nobody, wants to be crushed, they want to crush it!  So they see the energy of your giving and in their starved state they crave it and do the same.  This explodes exponentially and soon every boat rises.  Give and you shall receive.  It’s a law.

The second magic you experience is the idea that promoting others promotes yourself.  It is also known as the principle of referral.  This is a very powerful magic indeed.  The formula for successful referral is successful advocacy.  This means that you must choose a format for a referral that allows your promotion of others to also promote you.  Further, you must choose a format which allows the promotion of other’s promotion of you to refer back to you!  Social Media is inherently capable of this.  Posting and sharing are built in with a tag to your profile so no matter where the original post goes, it includes you!  This allows you to forget about you.  Yes, forget all about you and start promoting others.  In essence, you start to realize it’s all information.  The sharing of information and humans love to share information that is relevant and the greatest relevance for humans comes in the form of other humans.  That is why Social Media is such a popular form of information exchange.  Social Media is not the only form of information exchange, but it is a very popular one for the reasons mentioned above.  And that, simply put, is magic.

The final magic you will experience is exponentiality.  This is like cloning yourself, or the ability to be in several places at once.  This is also known as the principle of bilocation.  Right now, on the Internet (which is really only about 13 or 14 years old), we have a full on land rush/land grab.  It’s a veritable New Homesteading Act.  Yet we are faced with a problem.  Have you ever seen the game where you place a human in a glass tube and blow money around and the human tries to grab as much money as possible in a defined amount of time?  What you experience while watching that is exactly what is happening online right now.  However, just like there are those who find ways to scoop up the cash effectively and there are those who are overwhelmed and gather no money, the same applies to this land rush.  The New Homesteaders are the Content Providers and the New Homestead is the Internet and Content Provider Platforms.  Once you understand this your orientation to content shifts dramatically.  As this shift in your understanding starts to grip you, you begin to feel the panic of the sheer size of the information that you about to process.  You realize quickly that you are not able to process enough content to make even the slightest dent in the massive momentum of the already existing information that is exponentially increasing every nanosecond of existence.  Even your own personal generation of information exceeds your ability to grasp and control it completely.  This is where the principle of bilocation works to your advantage.  Leveraging the first two principles we have already covered, we achieve the magic of bilocation.  Our action here is advocacy and being creative about advocating the content of others so that they are motivated to move your content and add their own “spice” to it.  Pretty soon you have a wonderful concoction that powers everyone who is participating.

A great example of this is the #TwitterChat.  Centered around the lowly hashtag (any hashtag will do), a group of dedicated individuals can create what is known as a  “#Trending” topic which gets blasted to anyone who is looking for that hashtag or mentions words that contain it.  With a potential audience of 500 million, that can get massive fast.

My good friends Marsha Wright (@marshawright) and Madalyn Sklar (@MadalynSklar) have mastered the #TwitterChat.  Marsha currently has over 5000 dedicated Tweeters engaging her content and promoting their content as well in a veritable smorgasbord of synergy that promotes the magic of giving using all three principles we covered today.  Her #TwitterChat #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is always trending and covers entrepreneurship, motivation, B2B, kindness and trending topics.  Madalyn Sklar, another #TwiterExpert, has built an amazing #Twitter centric community discussing #TwitterTips.  These can be surprisingly structured and cohesive even though when you peel back the layers you see the amorphous nature of the gathering.  We “relate” to the subject that the hashtag centers us all on and that provides something out of nothing, MAGIC!

I hope that this helps you see a bit of magic today and helps you to understand that the reason you are not growing is not that you are not working hard.  It is because you don’t have strong magic helping you.  You need this magic to help you and if you will just reach out and start the journey on the path of giving you will experience an unbelievable tsunami of growth that will make waves.  Riding on that wave like the best pro surfer is you and everyone else you touch!

See you on the Internet!

Benjamin Alexander De Mers

Can Planned Obsolescence Become Obsolete?

Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence is the policy of planned or designed artificial limitations on the lifespan of anything tangible.  This could include actual physical objects or thoughts.  Anything that can be produced by human ideation is subject to the manipulation represented by planned obsolescence.  Entropy is the natural law that states that anything subjected to cohesion as complexity will eventually succumb to reversion from cohesion into its simplest structures.  This means that if you put it together it is going to fall apart.  All things do.  So, in a sense, the very Universe itself has a planned obsolescence built into it.  We age and die after a certain point and this is certainly a planned obsolescence that touches every single person alive.

But who has planned this obsolescence?  Under what circumstances is it a “natural” occurrence and under what circumstances is it contrived and to what extent is it beneficial  or detrimental in either case?  This is the question we have before us today especially as we move into the Information Age.

Information is said to be the first Infinite Product.  Some have said that data is not subject to entropy as it is a concept and not subject to physical laws such as entropy.   This may be provable or it may end up not being provable, what is certain is that we can make data obsolete with planning.  This is done with information systems which place a template upon data for a particular result which allows any number of lifespans to exist in what would normally be an infinite expression.  Yet we also find that the information escapes these confines eventually as data is recycled into new uses as effortlessly as it was confined in the first place.  Truly information wants to be free.

In the Information Economy, the idea that one could approach an Infinite Product is not only stimulating but tantalizing as well.  The idea that one could surpass the dynamics of planned obsolescence as a driver of design and, well, just about everything else, is stunning in its implications not only for the human being but the human doing and the human mind.

Imagine for a moment a world in which innovation was released from planned obsolescence or built in obsolescence.  Imagine for a moment that instead of stimulation of growth through inferiority we instead created an economy based on the ever increasing complexity of the whole.  This would mean that evolution of information and its systems would be predicated upon the ubiquitous contributions of an equally ubiquitous economy.

The extension of features upon the core model that is expanding is what I believe under-girds such creations like Social Networks and the “App Revolution”.  This has created such things as Platforms upon which a central idea spawns an infinite growth curve expanding into ever more features yet remaining essentially the same design only larger and more complex, like a fractal.  This is a contributory economy and it has the potential for unlimited growth while reducing entropy to its smallest possible emergence.

Is it time for planned obsolescence to be obsolete?  I think so.  I think we are already on the event horizon of the greatest expansion of human commerce ever.  The question is, what is standing in the way?  For me the answer to that question is in the nature of the information systems we are currently employing to try and achieve this perpetual growth machine.

We are close, but not quite there.  I envision something I like to call the iPortal.  This is a cockpit if you will that enables full immersion into the digital world and allows direct interface between the human architecture and the digital architecture.  Once this is achieved the human will be able to influence the digital and the digital will be able to influence the human.  Data will then be an infusion rather than an externalization.

Involvement and engagement are the keys to the new production of features and complexity rather than consumption.  With consumption one has to convince or SELL that consumption and the means to that consumption can be limited for gain which also limits the potential of the gain.  With involvement and engagement, participation is automatic and contains its own impetus for further growth as interaction produces stimulation towards the evolution of new products and services to further the growth in an infinitely fractal generation process.

Units of exchange can be built upon the nature of the contribution to the complexity of the whole and do not have to be limited to individual gain but can be collaborative in a natural instance of engagement and involvement.

Social Media giants like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and technology giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft can orient themselves through the emerging VR world to approach the iPortal.  When we finally have a customized, personalized, fully immersed session based digital reality that is machine intelligent and semantically capable humans will finally be on the doorstep to the Infinite Economy.

So is it time for planned obsolescence to finally become obsolete?  I think so.  I think it can be achieved upon the 100th anniversary of planned obsolescence, 2024.  How about you?   Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

The Experience – Part One

It was my fourteenth birthday.  My friends and I had just moved into the living room after eating cake and I had just put KC and The Sunshine Band on the record player.  We were all enjoying ourselves and I was receiving my very first kiss from a girl.  After a time of looking into her eyes, I laid my head on her chest and while her breathing lifted my head up and down I noticed that all the chatter of the party goers had vanished and in its place was only the sound of the music.  It made me look around.  That’s when I noticed that everybody had literally fallen asleep wherever they were, the girl included.  I was the only one awake.  They did not find a place to lay down or anything like that, it was really weird, like they just fell out.

I started to shake my girlfriend and that is when I started getting really sick to my stomach and really, really dizzy.  I started to feel extremely uncomfortable, like scared and I started to feel like I should hide somewhere that nobody could find me.

So I got up, kind of doubled over and staggered down the hallway to the other room, a den off the kitchen, and in that room we had a big chair that sat against the wall in an angle that made a pocket behind the chair and the angle of the corner of the wall.  I crawled in that place and sat down with my legs crossed and my back against the two walls of the corner.  I was really scared at this point because what I was doing was not what I wanted to do.  I remember I just wanted to find my mom or dad or my older brother or anybody.  I did not even walk towards anyone sleeping to wake them.  I was inexplicably controlled by the physical symptoms I was having.  They were entirely more important every time I tried to do something different.

The spinning got worse.  The dizziness got worse and that was when my field of vision started to narrow down to a pin point of light and then darkness.  I was still awake.  I was not unconscious.  I then felt like my awareness was being sucked into the center of my chest, to the center of the sick feeling I had in the middle of my body.  The only thing I knew was that I was that feeling.  There was no other feeling or awareness.

After a short time in that state what happened next I cannot explain.  I could try and explain the sickness on some bad cake or ice cream or too much sugar or any number of things but what happened next was beyond my ability to explain as a fourteen year old.

I felt like I exploded outward.  I did not “see” anything I just felt it happening.  The experience was completely non-visual.  It was however very associative and connected.  I also had a certain awareness of a few things.  I had awareness that whatever was happening it was happening within a spherical shape.  Whatever was happening, it was expanding, not contracting anymore.  Whatever was happening, whatever I associated with while expanding I instantly knew everything about it.  Whatever was happening, it was nothing like anything I had ever been taught, that I had thought, dreamed, experienced or imagined.

The expansion continued unabated by anything that I associated with.  At some point I “knew” that the sphere had encompassed the Earth and its atmosphere right up to the edge of its magnetosphere.  I experienced this as a turbulence, again like a violent wind, not a visual experience.

I did not “see” the world I felt it, I felt as it.  All the thoughts, the feelings, the status of all life and the systems of the Earth, the currents and all the flowing and interrelated elements that made the Earth possible, even gravity as a pushing force from above and below me.

It happened fast.  It was not long before the expansion stopped.  As I was suspended between the din of the Earth below and the rushing of the wind above I encountered an impression, very still and very distinct which pushed me towards expanding more.  I was startled but not in a shocked way.  There was a calmness that encompassed that startle.  Like some part of me knew that could happen.  Not that it would, or should, but that it could.  I cannot say this was a “conversation”, it wasn’t like that, that’s crazy, but I did orient myself to this push, I knew that.  I also was aware that I was curious.  It was like a yearning, “how?”  Another impression as clear as the first implied some sort of connection involving face to face contact.  I have to admit I was out of my depth at this point in a way that was beyond how out of my depth I felt when it all began.  I remember feeling deeply that I was not ready to leave where I was, that I was very much interested in more of where I had come from.  The final impression was one of acquiescence and allowance.  That is what I felt.  Once that happened a constriction began with a whooshing sound.  In an instant I was back behind that chair and the song that was on the record player was the same song that was playing before I lost touch with the music and as I remember it the song picked up exactly where I remember it leaving off.

I wasn’t sick anymore and so I got up.  My mom was in the kitchen and saw me stand up and said, what are you doing in there behind that chair?  I said I did not know but that was a lie.  I was scared to talk about it with anyone and I joined the party where everyone was talking about the weirdness of dozing off.  I just sat there like I was in the twilight zone.  My girlfriend asked me what was wrong and I said, nothing.  I very quickly realized that I could not sit there like a zombie if I wanted to not say anything about it so I just started acting normal.  That is how I got out of it and that denial lasted many, many years.

I have since learned a great deal about not only that experience, but about what it represented.  Fantasy and psychosis aside, it represented a clear and distinct presentation of a part of me that was outside of the category of the possibilities inherent in my physical being.  That was the start of a quest to understand that phenomenon.  A journey that has lasted 36 years and has taken me to places that I now feel compelled to share now that the world is becoming more and more like how I felt on that day and other days after that.

I know that a ton of folks probably think I was suffering from some non-diagnosed mental illness, or an hallucination or a tumor on my brain.  As a fourteen year old boy, I had certainly experienced my share of trauma and so I will give anyone that assertion but it was something that happened seven years later that made me realize that I was not hallucinating and that I was indeed experiencing something extra-ordinary.  That experience was real and it was a part of me and as I found out later, it was a part of everyone.