Opinion – Just Who Elects the President of the United States anyway? Is Certification of an Election Just a Formality?

opinion – just who elects the president of the united states anyway? is certification of an election just a formality?

Certification of the election results is not a formality. It is the law. Furthermore, the vote by the Electoral College is not a formality, it is the law.

I get it, everyone hates Donald J. Trump for actually doing what he said he vowed to do: represent the American People as the Constitutionally protected First Estate of these United States of America. That vow trampled on a lot of plans some powerful unelected folks had for a level of integration with a reordering of the world in which the United States would give up quite a bit of its sovereignty to be a better world stage player or in other words part of a so-called New World Order or the Great Reset.

That being said, rational minds tend to think that there is a process for verification of an election for a reason. The space between the two administrations, whether it be a continuation of the previous administration or the beginning of a new administration that replaces the previous administration, is not just a concession/transition period. It is also, by law, a verification and confirmation period. This helps the American People trust that the election process is transparent, accurate, and fair. If one side feels that the election was not legitimate for some provable, impactful, and evidence-supported reason they have the right under the law to sue. This is what the Trump administration has decided to do.

Certain states have recount triggers that are automatically built into the system if the vote is very close and neither candidate received more than 50% of the vote. This is happening also.

The idea that this provisional transaction is a conspiracy of some sort is unfounded and leads to actual misuse of an unwatched system. We should all want all legally cast votes to be counted and in cases where there is provable wrongdoing, an audit of votes. We should all want that. This is exactly what happened in Bush V Gore. That election was not certified for 37 days. Was it a conspiracy? No. It was the process.

Fast forward to today where the media and popular opinion is calling an election long before anything has been certified and you get exactly what you are seeing now. It’s akin to driving off the car lot with a car that you have promised to pay for but have not yet finalized the transaction. You would be arrested for theft and the car lot would be right for having you arrested.

In 2016 America watched the process allow a duly elected president of the United States to be subjected to every effort possible to remove him from his duly elected position along mainly partisan lines. Yet, before the COVID-19 obliteration, his policies had American jobs, wages, and quality of life the highest in history across almost all groups. Was he really incompetent or was he an undesirable man with solid economic policies? Many have said, and with verifiable veracity, that if you separate the man from his policies, his policies place him as the greatest conservative US President in history. That may be overstating things and perhaps simplifying things, but not by much given the numbers that were generated. Still, the fact remains the overwhelming percentage of attacks against him were personal in nature and not due to his policies.

The point here is that the PROCESS allowed the actions of the Democrats in 2016 just as they are allowing what the Republicans are doing today. That is what is fair and if an administration survives these they are entitled to govern. They are not entitled to govern if the media or public opinion says so. That’s the law, folks.

So whether you are left or right-leaning as an American, you are still an American and what is going on in our elections is provisional not just a formality. Even so, we should all want everything that transpires in our great nation to be vetted and free and clear of any wrongdoing. Whatever it takes to satisfy that watermark needs to be done, especially in such contentious times. So rather than fearmonger and hyperbolize everything, we should instead get behind the legal process and let it play out. We all might just learn a thing or two about how great our system really is.

How far will the Trump Administration get with these efforts? That is a good question if you are willing to have the results be known to the fullest prosecutorial extent of the law. But that requires patience and methodical procedural action which most Americans are loathing to participate in. Which is sad really. If the Trump administration comes up with a big strikeout, we should all call out, “good game” and be done with it and move forward and work together to strengthen our nation and our people. If the Trump Administration should find wrongdoing, and it is provable, significant, and impacts the election results meaningfully, then we should all cry out, “foul” and do whatever it takes to remedy the misdeed and make sure it never happens again, for the sake of our claim that we have the greatest election process in the world. We should all be willing to go either way with well mannered, goodwill. Right now that is certainly not happening, and THAT is the shame here.

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Benjamin Alexander De Mers is the Founder & CEO of Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform and the Editor in Chief of Information Access and Management (IAM) Network. He has his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is an Ontologist, Information Scientist, and Entrepreneur. He is a Quora and LinkedIn Invited Publisher.

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Opinion – What’s The REAL Reason Behind Why We All MUST Take The COVID-19 Vaccine?

local health experts weighs in on coronavirus vaccine, gives timeline prediction

Okay at the risk of being sucked into a mind goo producing vortex one can never get out of and the possible ruination of my reputation in this industry, lol, I am going to write an opinion on the various statements being made about the upcoming Novel Coronavirus Vaccine and its application to the population of humans on this planet.

If you talk to most people on the street in the USA, most will tell you they don’t trust vaccines, even though the polio vaccine literally saved millions of lives and millions more from debilitating paralysis caused by the disease just a few generations ago. Why is that? Seems strange that something meant for good would be so ostracized. But it apparently is. I think it goes far beyond the avoidance of needles, although I have to say I am a bit queazy about needles (shiver).

So what is the problem? The problem seems to consist of what people think is in them. Nobody knows for sure what is in a vaccine and that vaccine goes directly into your body via injection. That is a recipe for mistrust right there. So it is understandable that all kinds of myths about vaccines creep up and hide under our beds at night waiting to get us.

Some people think that it is a great big global depopulation/behavior modification scheme where they will use mRNA and CRISPR technology to either give you a disease that kills you in a certain number of years (population control) or changes your behavior (make you more docile or gullible). On the face of this, it seems bizarre, but in reality, it is theoretically possible to do both. However, the current state of such technologies is not sufficiently advanced that even if that was something that was desired from whoever might desire such a thing it is not possible to actually do it. The current laws in place also make it illegal to even try and do it. So there’s that.

Some people think that it carries a live virus and can infect and kill in short order. This is not all that far-fetched and there are cases where live polio was given to those who received the polio vaccine worldwide and got the disease and died or were paralyzed. Granted it was an extremely small number, but it did happen. In the case of COVID-19, however, the risk of death or severe complication from the disease are much lower than with polio and in any case, such things have not been reported in any of the trials so far. So while this is possible, it is not probable. There are strict regulations in place now that were not in place when the polio vaccine was invented and widely dispersed that make such an event extremely unlikely.

Some folks, some very smart folks, think that there is a shot at keeping the Novel Coronavirus of 2019 (Official Name BTW) from getting a foothold in humanity like the flu already has done. The problem with a virus is that once it is in your body it is always going to be in your body. Current technology and current medical practices do not allow for the complete removal of a virus pathogen from human anatomy. It hides somewhere where nobody (even our best technology and drugs) cannot locate it. In fact, the only way we detect viruses is when they are active in the system or we can see the immune system response or what is left of the immune system response to the active virus that may or may not have gone dormant (hiding). Since the virus is in you once it is in you, it is in humanity once it is in humanity. The problem is that almost 54 million people (as of 11-15-2020) have contracted the Novel Coronavirus of 2019. We have no idea how many people have to be infected for it to gain a foothold on humanity, but I know this, it all started with one person and 54 million got infected. So is there really a threshold we are trying to avoid? Is there really a way to keep this from being a seasonal infection that bounces from one hemisphere to the next? Is the bounce of mutation from Northern to Southern Hemisphere actually how we get reinfected, or does it have to do with other factors like poor nutrition, lack of vitamin D/sunlight that produces vitamin D, and so on? Nobody has a definitive answer at this point and I don’t know if one can be had. It seems implausible that we are going to stop this from gaining a foothold. I think it already has one. I think we have to deal with this forever, or until technology, like nanotechnology, gets to the point where the entire human system can be patrolled in minute detail and can wipe out literally 100 % of a pathogen microbiologically.

So what is the real reason everyone MUST take the vaccine? Fear, monetization, and politicization pretty much are neck and neck on the driving factors of the vaccine implementation IMHO. I think fear is slightly in the lead at this time and politicization is fanning that fear as fast as it can (which is why it is in the lead). What motive would political bodies have in wanting everyone on a vaccine that is clearly not going to stop this particular virus from gaining a foothold on humanity? I think the list is long, control, and see what you can get away with sounds too conspiratorial for this guy, but I think a tinge of that might be around here and there. Ultimately, it’s about money. Monetization is again a driving factor in why everyone simply MUST take this vaccine. We are talking about almost 8 billion doses. That is a ton of money if you consider the infrastructure that will have to be built to make it happen and the roadblocks that will have to be cleared and the hurdles that will have to be jumped to get such an injection rate completed. So for me, the age-old driver of greed is going to be my safest bet. Hell, if I was a lizard from Hell, I just might bet on it too! (did you get that joke?)

Be safe, be brave, wash your filthy hands and wear a damn mask.

Here’s a great video about the current state of the vaccine:

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About the author…

Benjamin Alexander De Mers is the Founder & CEO of Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform and the Editor in Chief of Information Access and Management (IAM) Network. He has his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is an Ontologist, Information Scientist, and Entrepreneur. He is a Quora and LinkedIn Authorized Publisher.

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Opinion – Did segregation die, or did it just change form? Has any President-elect really been legitimate? Is anything legitimate anymore?

opinion – did segregation die, or did it just change form? has any president-elect really been legitimate? is anything legitimate anymore?

The United States of America has seen its share of segregation. We have also seen our share of a righteous fight to end segregation and integrate all peoples regardless of race, creed, economic status, personal preference, and/or political stance. After all, we are all Americans, aren’t we? Or, are we?

Lately the news is all abuzz about the idea of social media “echo chambers” and moves from Facebook to Parler by conservative groups who feel that they are being censored by “Big Tech”. It’s a long cry from the days of the specter of internment camps and forced segregation with its horrific mantra “separate but equal”, but in reality is there a new kind of segregation afoot?

Ideological segregation appears to be becoming a thing. Seriously. Social Media has made it possible to literally self segregate. For now we aren’t moving, like literally, to be around each other in enclaves in some sort of Neo-technological Tribalism, but online we certainly are doing this and with Virtual Reality being right around the corner, location isn’t going to matter anyway.

There is some evidence to suggest that “Big Tech” is aware of the addictive nature of “Screen Time” and that they are not only actively exploiting that for profit, but that they are actively harvesting data about your addictive usage and using it to manipulate your “view time” for even greater and more targeted profiteering. Is this the same as forced segregation? Maybe not, but IMHO it is certainly damned close.

Why? It’s really simple. Let’s say that my profit goes up exponentially only if I involve an exponential spread of influence from one person to the next through careful and targeted groupings of individuals based on profiling that I have done based on the activity which has produced the data I have created your virtual profile from. This profile now includes buying habits, who you call, who you visit, your political stance, your personal preferences, your religious (or non) beliefs, who you hook up with, etc. The term the outside world uses for this phenomenon is “it went viral”. Little girls shriek in joy as they “go viral” and their influence goes up only to find that they were a flash in the pan and never get there again prompting them to hate themselves to the point that some self-harm and others take it further to critical self-harm. The numbers are staggering in self-harm increase and suicide increase among Social Media users between the ages of 10 and 15. Is this a form of forced segregation? Could we call Social Media a zoo? What happens to zoo animals when you put them in cages? Anyone who is really in touch with the animal’s reality will invariably tell you that they are unhappy and eventually go insane, especially monkeys and apes. We find the same behavior in orca and dolphins who are in enclosures the size of swimming pools after being free in oceans for a lifetime. Humans are animals in Social Media zoos. What happens when that zoo becomes an immersive virtual reality?

Does science have to “call” this for the segregationists and desegregationists, or do we see this for what it is, virtual internment, ideological internment? Do we have to get into the implications of the dynamics of fake news and deep fakes to finally understand how public opinion is being swayed without a single fact being used? Do we have to start questioning whether public opinion is as powerful as it should be? Essentially doesn’t this come down to whether public opinion should be allowed to elect presidents? After all, the public is supposed to be independently informed when it votes. But what is the definition of “being informed”? Does it involve multiple and even contradictory sources? Does it involve all parties involved or just “anonymous sources who cannot be named”? The answer to all these scary questions is more than just to ignore them or shrug the shoulders and it is more than just letting ourselves be blindly led forward to the next screaming and burning and looting match we “call” a civil protest.

What is at stake threaten to burn down everything that allows you to do what you do. That is a big statement because it is meant to be a big statement. It is meant to make you think. it is meant to make you stop and wonder about the most bold faced segregation of all, the Democratic and Republican segregation of this nation into what is now an open warfare between two ideological armies. Certainly is not in any way American or Americanism. Americans disagree WITHIN a framework of a shared commitment to banding together against all enemies foreign and domestic, including ourselves. We have to police ourselves and realize that we have been segregated by those who seek profit and are being shamed into being “domestic terrorists” or worse yet “economic traitors” and “unpatriotic” because we don’t support GDP at literally all cost, including our own health, well being and safety.

Then there is “cancel culture”. The idea that a group of people who are really a fandom of a fanned ideological flame (because we have all seen the tapes of them being interviewed and asked why they are doing what they are doing and most of them cannot even tell you why and most of them have answered an ad on Craigslist to be paid to be there), can be mobilized by an actual funded organization to seek out and destroy anyone who opposes your ideological camp should scare the living shit out of any sensible rational human being. We all scream about what Hitler and Nazi Germany did to the Jews! Really? And then you “cancel culture” someone because of their race, creed or preference and it’s now suddenly not the exact fucking thing?

That’s how insane we all are now. That is the REAL threat. That is the REAL segregation. We have been segregated from ourselves by a system that has gotten us to do it to ourselves, not for nefarious purposes (I am NOT a conspiracist I am a scientist) but plainly and simply to sustain nonhumane capitalism that is directly in support of our GDP and therefore our quality of life. It is also directly tied to our ability to maintain our stranglehold on the world which we by default were given after the world was left in literal shambles after World War II. Everyone else was rubble, we were not. Therefore we became the greatest Empire the world has ever seen. All by default. Nobody elected us that leader. We just got it because we had the infrastructure to be that, immediately.

We have to start looking back on what really made America great. It was not our domination of the world. That makes us a target, of literally everyone else that is not us. It was our ability to disagree in a civil manner and let the system weigh the rational purpose of the outcome of that disagreement. What we got was a law that everyone could live with (even if not perfect) and a system where we could work out the kinks (if we all got along and adhered to principle number one – Unity).

Unity. Now there’s a word. United we stand divided we fall. Never been a better time to think deep and hard about that one word. Unity does not mean get rid of the other guy so you whitewash unity. Unity means you work it out in a civil manner knowing that you need every single American life to defend our way of life from a world that wants to loot it into the dust. Unity is us standing up and getting our house in order and realizing that we don’t deserve what we have if we are not working together to solve the most pressing of humanity’s life threatening issues.

Make no bones about it. You are segregated. The time is now for us to realize that because we are segregated from each other and ourselves that there has never been anything, Presidents included, that were ever “legitimate” from an undivided American nation. It is time to realize that we haven’t done anything “American” since World War II. It’s time to realize that there are a staggering number of things that need us to stand up and be Americans again. But we aren’t. We are instead enslaving ourselves (or being enslaved to support GDP) to devices that allow us to curl up and be petted in our own completely isolated counterfactual virtual worlds. It’s past time to realize that we are on a razor’s edge. That it is going to cut us in half and when that happens, we are done and most likely so is the entirety of humanity.

It is not arrogance to say that the world would fall apart if we do. It is just a fact that some seem willing to allow to happen, as if it were some sort of dare. Our real enemies in the world would love to see it and be able to carry out their darkest dreams for a new global cold war that splits the planet up into four zones (US-Mex-Can, New Soviet Union, Chinese Pacific Empire and Europa) with places like Africa, South America and the Middle East becoming literal Hell zones.

The real question on the table is does anyone even care?

Here’s a great podcast to help you think about that question a little bit deeper:


About the author…

Benjamin Alexander De Mers is the Founder & CEO of Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform and the Editor in Chief of Information Access and Management (IAM) Network. He has his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is an Ontologist, Information Scientist, and Entrepreneur. He is an invited Quora and LinkedIn Author.

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Opinion – Are Social Media Platforms Championing Censorship?

opinion – are social media platforms championing censorship?

Joe Rogan, Spotify podcast darling, recently had another record-breaking appearance by Alex Jones with tag along and Alex’s adopted child Tim Dillon. If you have not seen it you can watch it below:

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The topics were fast and furious for most of the podcast, and much of it was typical hype on globalism and human rights conspiracies, but in the midst of all that, as is usually the case on a Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, the audience was treated to a seminal moment.

That moment came when Alex started talking about how Artificial Intelligence was being deployed to create censorship algorithms used by Social Media Platforms, whom I will not name here, such that certain topics by keyword identification were simply removed from the platform or “shadow-banned” so that nobody saw them.

In effect machines were creating echo chambers that were shaping public opinion in very narrow categories using very narrowed information. In this sense the conversation was very relevant, very adult and very needed. Talking about this subject was also very brave for all who attended the podcast and I applaud them all for being so open about such a potentially devastating development.

This brief but enlightening foray was followed by an equally supercharged and interesting conversation about transhumanism and runaway progressivism. Tim Dillon said, “I think we should remain human for as long as we can.”

I happen to be pro-human as well. Nothing scares me more than the thought of becoming a silicon life form disconnected from my origins in carbon. Nothing. Further, to have that decision made for me is even scarier and what was the scariest was the possibility that echo chambers could slow walk that reality in such a way that I did not even realize I was “converting” until it was too late. I find that truly horrific. I find that just as horrific as live viruses in vaccines given to children in Sudan. I find that just as horrific as CRISPER creating new species outside of evolution. The advent of a species outside of our context of evolutionary development is something that literally horrifies me, especially when it makes its way into the manufacture of MRNA vaccines and how they can be used to change behavior.

There was a brief exchange about how carbon based life creates a carbon based atmosphere that continually renews itself with the introduction of carbon dioxide into the air that I found particularly interesting.

I also found Joe keeping Alex “vetted” to be more than a good gesture, it was endearing. I believe Joe truly loves his friend Alex and I also genuinely believe Alex is changing for the better, which is to say away from his unhinged conspiratorial ranting and into someone who very well could put rational evidence-based shit on the table and scare the living daylight out of every rational thinking person on the planet. Joe taking a real interest in Alex’s deteriorating health was also truly touching.

It’s Brave New World live and in color and living out loud and Social Media Platforms are the living embodiment of George Orwell’s prophetic work 1984. Holy mackerel, how did we get here?

Should Social Media Platforms be declared public utilities and regulated by the FCC? If they are should they still be allowed their exemption as content providers under the DMCA? I think yes to both.

About the author…

Benjamin Alexander De Mers is the Founder & CEO of Information Access and Management (IAM) Platform and the Editor in Chief of Information Access and Management (IAM) Network. He has his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is an Ontologist, Information Scientist, and Entrepreneur. He is an invited Quora and LinkedIn Author.

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Opinion – Are The US Elections EVER The ACTUAL End of the World?

opinion – are the us elections ever the actual end of the world?

Every election cycle here in America, Americans are bombarded by the mainstream, social and alternative media with the possibility that if “the other guy/gal/non-binary” gets elected, the ACTUAL end of the world is going to LITERALLY happen. Well, I’ve been around for a while and have seen many Presidents come and go. Guess what? The world is still spinning on its axis (albeit wobbly) and I can still sit on my porch and enjoy the sunset/sunrise with my Maltipoo, Mystique Mae.

This year feels somewhat more dramatic though doesn’t it? I suppose so. But where is all that drama coming from? When we tune out social media and the network news channels, the world returns to an eerie calm. Nobody is rushing in to ACTUALLY “take over the United States of America” and we are still able to sell our wares on the Global market (albeit in a little bit less of a monopoly that we had after we became the de facto empire on Earth following the horrors and destruction of World War II).

We see economists eating crow, we see globalists and nationalists alike meeting scenarios that dumbfound them, we see the most powerful economy the United States (or the world for that matter) has ever seen crumble in the face of an invisible little bug, we see the future being as fickle as it ever was. Yet, somehow, inexplicably, we continue to rant and rave about how much we absolutely know what is going to happen once this penultimate moment arrives on Earth and a new “most powerful person in the world (MPPTW) arrives on the throne (White House – Resolute Desk).

So what is all the fuss about? The mudslinging is epic this year as statements way beyond fact are more than just the norm, they are the expected response to assuage the crowd assembled for the carnage (admittedly watching on the screens of whichever device they prefer). Like ancient Rome and the Coliseum, we are witnessing a new level of debauchery that is most likely going to result in us once again being the laughing stock of the gods of time and space as we gawk at how wrong we were once again and shake our heads or scream at the sky or flop around.

I seem to remember this statement from a man who truly was a rebel against all that we are dealing with now only he was dealing with it back in Ancient Rome. Something about itching ears and following blindly every wind of doctrine and lying in wait to deceive? Totally rings any bell off of its mounts, I’d say. Where in the hell is common sense? I literally believe she has taken one of Elon Musk’s spaceships for Mars and gotten the hell out of here!

There are as many people who think that if someone else (anyone else) other than Donald J. Trump were President of the United States, that we would be virus free and sitting pretty as there are people who think that wearing a mask does not mitigate the spread of COVID19 (if they even believe that there actually is a virus that is). Both points fail miserably. It’s common sense that the virus would have gotten in and did its nasty nefarious thing no matter who was in office and it is equally common sense that masks DO mitigate the spread of that POS virus that has taken over 200,000 Americans off the planet (and that is just in America – there are, as of the date of this writing 1.14 million dead worldwide).

Today, however, something else has grown into a foul breathed monster – the first Horse of the Apocolypse – politicization. Every single thing you can think of is now fodder for a political “spin” cycle in the washing machine of public opinion. It’s just mind-shredding at it’s least and literally a frontal lobotomy after spending about ten minutes in our “new normal” public spaces (social media). I learned early on in my research while studying to become an information scientist that information can be held hostage and what you get is certainly not what gave rise to the information in the first place. There is no Office of Information Integrity (OII) (although I really, really, really wish there were) upon which we can lean in these raucously verbose times. We have fact-checkers, but even then it’s the foxes watching the foxes and promising not to eat the hens only to find out that every single hen is picked clean to the bone in the morning with the sheepish foxes shrugging their shoulders and saying “whoopsie, I guess we better do a better job of getting better at that and we’ll bet you we will be better at making that sooner than later too” (heads feverishly nodding and eyes winking at other nodding heads as far as the eye can see).

So where are the people? Not just the American People (apparently this world’s archetype of a “people”, whatever the hell that means), but all people worldwide? It’s actually dumbfounding to consider that the American and French Revolutions happened within the last 300 years and that something so significant for the people – AKA the proletariat (the likes of which has never, literally ever, happened on this planet before) could have happened and yet be so completely insignificant just 300 years later (some would say irrelevant – Remember George W. Bush saying the “damn Constitution was just a piece of paper”?). Trump has openly joked about being a dictator and both sides are salivating for just that. FDR was close with 4 terms and we got the New Deal from him which admittedly pulled us out of the depression, but inarguably restructured the American Dream to such an extent that it may have extinguished it as soon as the ink was dry. It just took us this long to realize it.

So what is left standing in the ashes? Only equity really. The equity of the Empire is the last thing standing when the Empire falls. That’s when the looting begins and the looting always begins internally. The foxes are leaving the dry meatless bones and scurrying off to a new hen house…oh, wait, there are no more hen houses left, that’s right, everything is leveraged and our creditors are the wolves come to eat the foxes. But, wait, we have nukes! Yeah, the nukes will save us! (You can’t eat nukes. Well, you can, but you die.). Have you ever seen a video of jackals killing and eating a lion? It happens and it is savage and it stuns you to see the power in that lion being consumed in that way.

That brings us to the second Horse of the Apocalypse, cannibalization. The Empire is eating itself and what a starving creature will do to survive will shock any sense of decency out of you. The stark raving madness of a starving creature is a sight one must nightmarishly behold. We think we have seen the height of people (indeed THE people) being thrown under the bus? Not even getting started. Just wait until the entire global economic system collapses under the strain of the global shutdown! There is a reason nobody is talking about it. Anyone in the know knows that this is the big one. THE tsunami, the whopper, the 800-pound gorilla in the china shop. It starts with the blame game and ends with targeted removal. Happens every single time. Only this time humanity has become really, really clever at removing things. Just wait, it’s coming to a patrolled neighborhood near you. Speaking of stark raving madness, think of the money that is raised to elect the guy/gal/non-binary who is supposed to be convincing as one of us against the will of the two-headed party monster in DC. Think of that ungodly amount of money and for one minute realize what that money could do for so many really groundbreaking projects that actually help people? If you do that, I will warn you, (speaking of removing) it is not only going to remove your sanity, it may remove your life (if you talk about it long enough – the “elections” are now a matter of national security and not just a gentleperson’s game – you do or say the wrong thing and whammo, you are done – people are being locked up all over the world for just that – some of them are disappearing – seriously – we literally live in deeply dangerous times and yet the best we are doing about it is to laugh about it or hold up some signs or scream at the sky while burning sage while our buddies bang on sacred drums blessed by the circle of holy shamans we collected from the alleys and shantytowns of America).

Which brings us to the third Horse of the Apocalypse – divisiveness. Do you remember when everyone was American? Do you really? I do. It was lovely. We were safe to agree or disagree with anyone we chose and still at the end of the day if we were facing any trouble, either in our neighborhoods or in the global neighborhood, we would stand up and fight side by side until our ability to agree or disagree with each other was safe again. We were sovereign individuals with a sense of each other. We made up our own minds. We considered other thoughts opinions, not facts. The only facts were what we directly experienced, not what we were told by some third party “reporting” an anonymous third party’s recollection of a third party’s version of a third party statement that because it has a lot of “views” it must be a fact.

Divide and conquer. Remember that? United we stand. Remember that? What in holy hell really matters if we don’t have a place for that to matter in? Literally, everyone is fanning the flames of the fire of our funeral pyre. Literally, everyone. What is truly scary is that it started with those who could afford to escape the flames (initially – nobody will escape what’s coming), the talking heads and the insanely rich masters of the talking heads, and then it spread through repetition to those who could not afford to escape the flames and they are bringing on their own destruction in a mosh pit of divisive politics that if I were the betting type would really make me consider hedging against the possibility that the two-party system was a well-designed Trojan horse that history will rightly pinpoint as the destruction of the Last Empire this age will see (federalist papers notwithstanding).

Which brings us to the fourth Horse of the Apocalypse – eugenics. CRISPR is now poised to do anything we want to the DNA of this planet. We have already flipped 72 DNA “switches” in a single pig and that was to reproductive DNA. That means that the pig passed those changes on to its baby piggies and they lived and they are piggies but with very different piggy DNA. We have the absolute ability to create and deliver “designer babies” right now. That is not a joke or a dramatic statement. It is a fact. We can deliver a baby that is mommy and daddy but extremely tall, smart, beautiful and muscular. We can do that to your next child. We can also remove DNA based diseases at an increasingly higher accuracy. We have lots of support for doing this to non-reproductive DNA so that you could do anything you want as long as you can’t pass it on. Eugenics is now being considered like getting a tattoo or a piercing. It’s like legalizing cannabis. It’s legalizing the removal of billions of years of organic development without a clue of what that does to everything else. But that is not the scary part (well the kitsch way in which it is becoming popular is nightmarishly terrorizing). The truly scary part is that these changes are INJECTABLE. They are also something that you can do to A VIRUS (think airborne virus). Further, they are fully capable of being targeted at ethnic groups, gender, or any number of DNA traits (of which there are thousands). In a divisive desperate time in which nobody trusts anyone and all they want to do is survive and will do anything to do so, that technology becomes increasingly tempting as a “humane” way to remove what is now unlike you. Remember this…Divided we fall, united we stand.

At the end of it all will you remember that you were not born divided? Will you remember what it really meant to be American? Will you remember that you once were a beacon to the world for that very reason? Will you remember that the branch falls with you on it if you saw it off between where you stand and the trunk? Will anyone remember these things and start talking about them? Or, will it really be the end of the world this time?

I have hope that we will remember. That we will rise up and demand that business as usual and divisive politics are not going to be our end. Let whatever violence come upon us, we will rise to meet that and together we will prevail, but never let it be said that we squabbled away our security in meaningless fandom bickering. We are not a laughing stock because of the Presidents we elect. We are a laughing stock because we believe that any of them are our saviors. They are not our saviors. They are our servants. They are one of us. One like you, one like me. They are Americans. One way or another we are going to end up on the troop carrier headed for the beach and the bullets where everyone is equal. That’s just life. You are either worthy or not. Life will test that into reality and the Universal Community of Life will pick the bones clean of those who do not make it – mercy notwithstanding.

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