5 most hard SEO niches

5 most hard seo niches


Published Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, 11:58 amJoin AFP’s 100,000+ followers on FacebookPurchase a subscription to AFP | Subscribe to AFP podcasts on iTunesNews, press releases, letters to the editor: augustafreepress2@gmail.comAdvertising inquiries: (© WrightStudio – Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part of any internet marketing strategy. SEO helps you gain visibility to the search bots when they index your site, deciding if your content is worth pushing up the rankings.The demands of your SEO strategy depend on your niche and the barriers-to-entry surrounding the industry and market. Some niches are harder to crack than others, requiring a more focused and in-depth strategy.When deciding on taking on a project for your internet marketing company, doing your due diligence can save you headaches when executing your strategy. Trying to penetrate competitive markets isn’t easy, and it requires an extensive planning process to see if you have the budget and the time needed to achieve your required business outcomes.If you run out of budget before you start ranking with the search bots, you’re going to end up failing at your marketing efforts. Understanding the best strategies to optimize your SEO dollars goes a long way …



3 ways SEO can help grow your business

3 ways seo can help grow your business


Every organization aims at maximizing its profit while providing quality service to its current and potential clients. Search Optimization Engine (SEO) provides a way of enhancing quality and quantity traffic to your website from free or organic search engines like google and it usually targets the unpaid traffic. It is important to drive relevant traffic to your website for example, by matching modern types of cars to your car selling website or webpage.
Here are how SEO helps grow your business;
Drives traffic to your website
As an entrepreneur, you need to grow your business with time. One way of reaching out to your potential clients is through a solid online presence. Your marketing strategies need to be excellent and that’s the best way of converting inbound traffic into sales. Strategic marketing methods like SEO will not only be effective as compared to outbound marketing, but it will also help to target the right market for your products and services. Continued use of SEO to attract quality and quantity traffic to your website can help your small business grow with time.
Improve organization’s image
One of the driving factors in any business or organization is through establishing trust …


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How Can Lawyers Get Noticed in the Modern Era?

how can lawyers get noticed in the modern era?


Practice November 25, 2020 By Jacob MaslowThe legal industry is a place that is fraught with numerous challenges. When young professionals decide to go to law school, they often have visions of what their life is going to be like once they graduate. Law school is 3 years of hard work. When students graduate, they expect to be rewarded. There are numerous paths for lawyers once they finish law school. Some people decide to go into criminal law while others decide to practice personal injury law. Some people decide to pursue constitutional law while others might decide to go into the corporate world. Regardless, it is important for lawyers to understand how they can get noticed in the modern era. Marketing is just as important in the legal industry as it is in any other field.Lawyers Must Use Social MediaOne of the first steps that lawyers have to follow involve social media. Of course, some lawyers might think they are presented with a bit of a conflict of interest. It is true that many lawyers tell their clients to stay off of social media, particularly when everything they published could be used against them. On the other hand, lawyers themselves and to …


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Try This 3-Part Data-Based Strategy For More Clicks This Black Friday

try this 3-part data-based strategy for more clicks this black friday


Try This 3-Part Data-Based Strategy For More Clicks This Black Friday

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Next Level Marketing Discusses the Importance of Having eCommerce SEO and SEM for the Holidays

iam platform login page background


TipRanksBull Moves: Analysts Just Upgraded These 3 Hot StocksThe world’s largest asset manager is impressed with the market’s recent gains, and it has made that sentiment clear by upgrading US stocks. In its recent reassessment of conditions in the American financial markets, investment giant BlackRock issued a general upgrade for Wall Street. This wasn’t an upgrade on particular stocks, but on the US market as a whole.Explaining the move, the BlackRock note points out that the daily COVID news is just noise – the real news is on the vaccine front, where at least two effective vaccines are just months away from public distribution. A viable vaccine for the coronavirus disease will push us back to normal conditions, and boost investors’ mood immeasurably. Hence, the upgrade.“We upgrade US equities to overweight, with a preference for quality large caps riding structural growth trends, as well as smaller companies geared to a potential cyclical upswing,” BlackRock said. The company expects to see a cyclical upturn in the US economy in 2021, as the coronavirus crisis fades into the background and the political landscape moves back to pre-Trump patterns.The general upgrade by BlackRock was only one sign of confidence in …


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Who Is Responsible for Meeting Website Accessibility Compliance?

who is responsible for meeting website accessibility compliance?


The pandemic of 2020 has changed the lives of everyone.Were businesses and schools ready to meet the challenges for website accessibility compliance?Adapting to new ways to work remotely or go to school was not always effortless, especially for persons with disabilities.And meeting accessibility compliance historically took a back seat to just about every other business goal, creating a business risk.Though remote work provided some with opportunities to continue to conduct business online, consumers and students quickly uncovered all the ways in which they could not do their work – preventing people from:Doing their jobs.Taking tests.Completing assignments.Holding meetings.Ordering supplies during quarantines.This created frustration on top of an already difficult time.Somebody needed to be responsible.For digital marketers, the rumblings about website accessibility may be unimportant until a client receives a demand letter or worse.Getting an ADA accessibility lawsuit creates alarm, followed by confusion over the next steps.AdvertisementContinue Reading BelowWhile the client is wrestling with this new expense, they may even ask why they were never made aware their website or mobile app was not accessible.There have also been increasing concerns like:Who is responsible for building websites, software, and …


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The problem with the ‘structured content’ mindset

the problem with the ‘structured content’ mindset


I score poorly on every SEO writing tool out there. My headers, sentences and paragraphs are all too long. My voice is too passive. The tools are unanimous, my writing for SEO needs to change. 

I must be a terrible writer… but wait, what does any of that have to do with writing?

To quote Lord Helmet from Spaceballs, “Absolutely nothing!”

Yet, if you asked most SEOs they would tell you that the key to good SEO content is structure, structure, and even more structure. 

I’m here to tell you why I think this mindset is dangerous, detrimental, and debilitating for creating strong content. 

Let the eye-rolling begin. 

What is the ‘structured mindset’?

What I’m calling the ‘structured mindset’ is really nothing new. It’s the notion that content must be formatted to incredible lengths in order to achieve search engine success. It’s the idea that for search engines to understand our content, they need an obscene amount of structured formatting. 

I’m talking about the overuse of headers, tables, bullet and numbered lists, snackable paragraphs, and of course… structured data itself. 

It’s the notion that good content is structured content. And that is just not …


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Effective Seo Increase Traffic Strategies To Your Website

effective seo increase traffic strategies to your website


SEO plays a crucial part to significantly increase your traffic and brand recognition.
According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic starts with a search. That is why SEO search engine optimization is so essential.
People use Google to make over 3.5 billion searches. In the United States, 78% of people use the web to examine products and services before purchasing.
Once your website starts ranking on the first pages of Google’s search results, you will get to reach more people that indicates more traffic, more changes, and ultimately, increased revenue.
75% of users do not even go to the second page.
According to the research, the top three search results get 60% of all traffic from a web search. Leads coming from a search have a 14.6% close rate, as compared to just 1.7% from channels like print or direct mail advertising.
The basic concept of SEO optimization is generating more traffic to the website. But with 1.24 billion websites in the world, how do you guarantee that your website receives sufficient traffic?

Here are the top 10 SEO strategies that will further direct traffic to your website: 
In most searches, at least 50% of people use four words or more. This means that just keywords …


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A Day in the Life of an SEO

a day in the life of an seo


Search engine optimizers are like black sheep in a family. Our work is often misunderstood. Colleagues wonder what we are doing or how we make money for the company. Why do we read blog posts all day, they sometimes ask?
Success in organic search can be elusive. It’s often hard to measure. Other digital marketing channels produce more data for tracking and forecasting. With search engine optimization, however, we frequently guess. We run tests. We experiment.
I’ve been an SEO practitioner since the late 1990s. My agency now manages SEO for large and small companies worldwide. My day generally consists of the four activities below.
SEO: A Day in the Life
Learn via self-study. SEO was born in forums and blogs. Before SEO was an acronym, we were sharing and debating tactics. The forum at was my textbook in 1996 when I began trying to improve my employer’s organic search performance. This was before Google, incidentally.
We used avatars and user names to hide our identities. But we were part of a community. We shared what we learned and argued theories.
Google launched in September 1998. A user named “GoogleGuy” — who, we found out later, was Matt …


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Bring up your website to the summit with team acquire SEO tools

bring up your website to the summit with team acquire seo tools


Bring up your site to the summit with group buy SEO tools

Seo (SEO) is essential for local business owner, online marketing experts, blog owners, or who want to sail items with The opportunity given by Google.

Needless to say, it’s their lifeblood. Search Engine Optimization methods can either make or break, offering greater ROI or reduced ROI, producing even more traffic or lower web traffic, and the like.
There are hundreds of search engine marketing tools which You might make use of for web link building, keyword study, ranking monitoring, analytics, and various other seo strategies so you can boost the high quality and amount of your website web traffic.
Seo devices are subdivided right into different types based on Their objective or what they can do to optimize your site.If investing for Search Engine Optimization tools is not in your series of Budget, there are complimentary seo devices you can make use of for web traffic, lead, as well as upsells for all these companies offering them.
There are a great deal of best cost-free Search Engine Optimization tools that are essential for the variety of procedures as well as entities such as structured information, Google Trends, …


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