Robotic Surgery Tool Guides Neurosurgeons at UH Cleveland

robotic surgery tool guides neurosurgeons at uh cleveland


By Samantha McGrail

November 20, 2020 – Medtronic recently selected University of Hospitals (UH) Cleveland Medical Center as the second site for its Stealth Autoguide cranial robotic surgery guidance platform for neurosurgery.

The system aids the spatial positioning and orientation of instrument holders used in neurosurgical procedures.

The surgical tool can be used on adult and pediatric patients suffering from various neurological conditions. The first time experts used Stealth Autoguide on a UH patient was mid-November. 

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“Medtronic chose us based on our experience in precision, minimally invasive approaches to brain tumors,” Andrew Sloan, MD, director of the brain tumor and neuro-oncology center, as well as the Center for Translational Neuro-oncology at UH’s Neurological Institute and the Seidman Cancer Center, said in the announcement. 

With Stealth Autoguide, a surgeon can place an electrode or catheter in the brain or perform a biopsy with the help of a robot, which allows for accuracy in movements, while simultaneously receiving visualization and feedback through a computer system, the press release stated.

Sloan noted that previously, UH leveraged Laster interstitial thermal therapy (LITT), which is a technique used to treat primary and metastatic brain tumors that are hard to reach with traditional surgery.

Additionally, …



Tended by robots, milk cows mooove into life of luxury

tended by robots, milk cows mooove into life of luxury


Milking robots made by DeLaval replaced the human operated milking parlor at Hillcrest Farms in Dearing, Ga., a fourth-generation American family dairy farm owned and operated by Mark Rodgers and his family since 1941. Hillcrest Farms is Georgia’s first robotic dairy, but others are being added as technology changes agriculture. (Hyosub Shin / HYOSUB SHIN / AJCCredit: HYOSUB SHIN / AJCAgriculture is still Georgia’s largest industry with an estimated $75 billion impact on the state’s trillion-dollar economy. And though it still carries a dirt-under-the-fingernails stereotype, those fingers are becoming as used to swiping screens full of data as they are cleaning out a jammed cotton picker.From autonomous tractors to field-pest analysis provided by drone and in-ground sensors providing moisture content, farming in Georgia is moving well into the 21st century. Technology is critical to keeping folks fed as fewer farmers provide more food and agriculture — often a tough business to turn a profit in — looks for efficiency. Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan included high-tech farming as a key element of his economic plan to make Atlanta and Georgia the Silicon Valley of the East.The Rodgers family knows that as well any. Georgia has lost 40% of its dairy …


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Robots Invade the Construction Site

robots invade the construction site


Theresa Arevalo was in high school when she first tried finishing drywall at her brother’s construction company. “It’s a fine art,” she says of mudding—applying and smoothing drywall. “Like frosting a cake, you have to give the illusion that the wall is flat.” Fast-forward a few decades: Arevalo now works at Canvas, a company that’s built a robot using artificial intelligence that’s capable of drywalling with almost as much artistry as a skilled human worker.The robot has been deployed, under Arevalo’s supervision, at several construction sites in recent months, including the new Harvey Milk Terminal at San Francisco International Airport and an office building connected to the Chase Center arena in San Francisco.About the size of a kitchen stove, the four-wheeled robot navigates an unfinished building carrying laser scanners and a robotic arm fitted to a vertical platform. When placed in a room, the robot scans the unfinished walls using lidar, then gets to work smoothing the surface before applying a near perfect layer of drywall compound; sensors help it steer clear of human workers.The Canvas robot can help companies do more drywalling in less time. It requires human oversight, but …


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Howard discusses Sex, Race, and Robotics and how to fight bias in AI

howard discusses sex, race, and robotics and how to fight bias in ai


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Ayanna Howard with a Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence-Open Platform (DARwIn-OP). Source: Rob Felt, Georgia Institute of Technology
Headlines regularly proclaim that robots are coming for people’s jobs or are “creepy,” but both robotics developers and the general public are increasingly aware of the many ways in which the technology can boost productivity and safety. However, the need to understand how robots and artificial intelligence can inherit negative human biases is still urgent, according to roboticist Ayanna Howard.
“Bias in AI is the responsibility of the designer,” said Howard, who recently published the book Sex, Race, and Robots: How to Be Human in the Age of AI. “Most designers and developers are fairly homogenous — largely male. I’m a roboticist, but my advisor was male, so the thinking processes were driven by male perspectives and are a product of training.”
“We need different people in terms of life experience,” she told The Robot Report. “We shouldn’t all go over a cliff because no one was trained to look down. We have a responsibility to get out of our comfort zones. For instance, engineers should work with UX [user experience] folks. Be the one to …


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Robotic Surgeries Are Changing the Game Inside One VA Facility

robotic surgeries are changing the game inside one va facility


Patients who undergo operations on organs inside their chests—thoracic surgeries—often endure long recovery periods and invasive procedures doctors perform intricately by hand.But for some of those surgeries this year at the Columbia Veterans Affairs Health Care System in South Carolina, incisions were made and patients’ insides were mended by the arms of a robot. The Da Vinci XI robotic surgical system has been assisting the Veterans Affairs Department’s medical personnel there with procedures for months now, and according to those involved, it’s enabling a new level of precision and accelerating patients’ recoveries. “Overwhelming evidence has shown certain operations have equal or better surgical results using the robot compared to traditional methods,” Dr. JW R. Bolton, chief of surgery at the Columbia VA HCS, told Nextgov via email Friday. “The Columbia VA wanted to provide veterans with the latest, state-of-the-art technology found at other private sector hospitals and improve our patient care for veterans in need of surgery.”The health care system’s surgery department explored the possibility of introducing a robotics-driven surgical program over the course of a few years, and building on that, the broader Columbia-based system worked directly with VA Central Office more …


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This startup is building robotic tractors!

this startup is building robotic tractors!


Central California farmers continue to deal with a labor shortage. Bear Flag Robotics steps in to take their tractors and upgrade them with autonomous technology, allowing a farmer’s staff to be redeployed in other areas. In the long term, farmers will be able to produce more food, with less land and fewer people.With the data their tractors can collect, Bear Flag Robotics founder Igino Cafiero says “we can use that information to grow crops more efficiently. We can increase yields that aren’t possible today because of these insights we have.”To learn more about Bear Flag Robotics, check out their website here.


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Why South Korea Is Building Robotic Artillery

why south korea is building robotic artillery


There has been rapid development in Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), miniature robot tanks recently, like the 1.5 ton THeMIS operated remotely and armed with a variety guns and missiles. Full-sized versions are not far behind, with Russia already testing on an uncrewed version of their latest T-14 Armata high-tech main battle tank. The Korean military is looking at a different approach to robot vehicles and has just announced plans to automate their artillery.

South Korean soldiers sit on the top of a K9 Thunder 155mm self-propelled Howitzer during an … [+] equipment demonstration at the Defense Expo Korea 2016 at KINTEX exhibition hall in Goyang, north of Seoul, on September 10, 2016. South Korea put its latest high-tech weapons systems on show as tensions rise in the region following Pyongyang’s test-firing of three missiles and a nuclear test this week. / AFP / JUNG YEON-JE (Photo credit should read JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)

AFP via Getty Images

The Republic of Korea faces massed North Korean artillery comprising over 5,700 weapons across over the DMZ that separates the two countries. A RAND study this year estimated the North could cause 200,000 casualties in one hour of firing. The South are countering with smarter weapons and robotics.
South Korea have …


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Robotic driving range pickers have arrived to make life easier for courses

robotic driving range pickers have arrived to make life easier for courses



Sean Zak

December 4, 2020

The RP-1200 scoops up to 300 golf balls during a session.


The revolution of the range is coming, folks. For everyone who grew up logging hours behind the wheel of a range picker — like proud PGA Tour pro Daniel Berger — now is the time to lament. Robots will soon make that job obsolete!

Enter the BallPicker from Belrobotics, or the RP-1200 from Echo, or Herr Robot from Golf Robotics. All of them look basically the same and do one thing well: they pick the range. 

They pick the range well enough that one club in Mississippi — The Club at Ole Brook — just made the humans-to-robots transition, and it made the local news. Ole Brook chose the Echo Robotics version of automated picker, which goes for about $19,000, and bought two of them. 

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Could it be a fad? It’d be a pretty expensive fad to get involved with, if that’s the case. The pickers run on a rechargeable battery and scoot around your range at just more …


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New MIT ‘RoboGrammar’ System Automates Robot Design

new mit ‘robogrammar’ system automates robot design


A new MIT system allows robot creators to simulate different robotic forms to determine which one will work best for their desired outcome.The system, called RoboGrammar, simulates different robotic forms after developers key in the parts they want to use for their robot as well as the type of terrain their robot will need to navigate.RELATED: NEW ROBOTS OFFER COVID-SAFE SOLUTIONS FOR LIVE EVENTSAutomating robot design”Robot design is still a very manual process,” Allan Zhao, the paper’s lead author and a PhD student in the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), explains in a press release.Zhao describes RoboGrammar as “a way to come up with new, more inventive robot designs that could potentially be more effective.”The team at MIT says that the primary inspiration for RoboGrammar came from the animal kingdom rather than from other robot designs — arthropods such as spiders and lobsters in particular. Several robot designs generated using RoboGrammar, Source: MITRoboGrammar operates in three sequential steps: defining the problem, drawing up possible robotic solutions, then selecting the optimal models.Using these steps, RoboGrammar uses the rules of the graph grammar set up by the MIT team to design hundreds of …


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READY Robotics launches the READY.Market, a robot-agnostic online marketplace for manufacturers

ready robotics launches the, a robot-agnostic online marketplace for manufacturers


READY Robotics launches the READY.Market, a robot-agnostic online marketplace for manufacturers

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