Comscore Privacy Counsel Alyra Liriano Awarded CIPP/E Certification

comscore privacy counsel alyra liriano awarded cipp/e certification


RESTON, Va., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Comscore (Nasdaq: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms, is pleased to announce that Alyra Liriano, Counsel, Privacy and Compliance, Comscore, has earned the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) credential through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP).
The IAPP is the first organization to publicly establish standards in professional education and testing for privacy and data protection. IAPP privacy certification is internationally recognized as a reputable, independent program that professionals seek and employers’ demand.
The CIPP credential is the global industry standard for professionals entering and working in the field of privacy. The CIPP/E encompasses pan-European and national data protection laws, key privacy terminology and practical concepts concerning the protection of personal data and trans-border data flows. The CIPP/E credential recognizes Liriano’s comprehensive GDPR knowledge, perspective and understanding of the requirements necessary to ensure compliance and data protection success in Europe.
Liriano joins the ranks of professionals worldwide who currently hold one or more IAPP certifications. As Counsel, Privacy and Compliance at Comscore, she supports Comscore’s enterprise-wide privacy and data protection efforts to enhance product alignment with global laws …



New upgrade to Tezos blockchain will include ZCash privacy features

new upgrade to tezos blockchain will include zcash privacy features


Source: Akarat Phasura – ShutterstockTezos developers are adding a new privacy feature to the blockchain.A new ticketing system will empower smart contracts to issue tokens.Developers of the Tezos blockchain are gearing up for some significant upgrades as they hope to attract new users. Yesterday, Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Marigold shared a joint press release where they proposed a new upgrade to the Tezos blockchain. The upgrade, dubbed “Edo,” plans to bring in some new privacy and smart contract upgrades as Tezos hopes to branch out and expand its user base.Meet “Edo”Most prominent on the list is the introduction of Sapling, a library used by the ZCash blockchain. The feature essentially introduces “transaction shielding,” a component that allows users to send transactions privately. Sapling is one of the many features that have made ZCash the force it is today. As the developers explained:Our proposal allows smart contract developers to easily integrate Sapling in their smart contracts and create privacy-conscious applications. Because Tezos can be amended, it was possible for us to add this exciting new feature directly to Tezos itself.The developers have also introduced a new ticketing system that enables smart contracts to grant portable …


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‘WA Notify to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 while protecting users privacy,’ says UW president

‘wa notify to help minimize the spread of covid-19 while protecting users privacy,’ says uw president


November 30, 2020 6:59 PM

Neil Fischer

Posted: November 30, 2020 6:59 PM
Updated: November 30, 2020 7:02 PM

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The president of the University of Washington, Ana Mari Cauce, said in a press conference Monday afternoon that “privacy is absolutely paramount” regarding the WA Notify feature.
“The goal from the very start was to use this technology to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 while protecting users privacy,” said Cauce.
Experts at the University of Washington contributed to the technology of the app and feature.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee made it clear that the privacy of residents who enable the feature will be fulfilled.
“Nobody is recording information where either one of these phones were at any time, nor are they recording the identity of those phones,” said Governor Inslee.
RELATED: Gov. Inslee speaks about COVID-19 exposure tool ‘WA Notify.’
Over 200,000 Washington residents have enabled WA Notify on their phones, according to the governor.

Governor Inslee said the elegance of this program to maintain anonymity and privacy, while saving your life is good for everyone.

Washington officials are hoping that more than 15 percent of residents enable to program.


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Privacy Act 2020: A welcome step in a digital world

iam platform login page background



New Zealand’s new privacy law may not be world-leading but is a welcome improvement, writes Gehan Gunasekara of the University of Auckland

Those concerned about their personal privacy will be celebrating when the Privacy Act 2020, enacted earlier this year, comes into force today, December 1.

Many agencies have been preparing for the new law for several months and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has published numerous resources on its website and undertaken a media campaign highlighting the major changes. It is to be hoped, in the spirit of Christmas, the OPC will accord a reasonable grace period to agencies before deploying the new powers granted it by the Act. However, such forbearance cannot be taken for granted.

The 2020 Act replaces and repeals the 1993 legislation which has lasted almost three decades. These are decades which have seen emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Age of Data and phenomena such as the Internet, Big Data and massive interconnectivity of people, devices and locations.

It is likely those responsible for drafting the 1993 Act would have struggled to even imagine many of these developments.

Nonetheless, the earlier Act was innovative and ground-breaking. It used technology-neutral terminology such as “information” regardless of …


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Data Privacy and Data Governance Will Be Top Business Priorities for 2021

data privacy and data governance will be top business priorities for 2021


As COVID-19 has introduced a more aggressive and evolving cyber threat landscape, the need for companies to develop the right infrastructure to mitigate cybersecurity risk is more important now than ever before.As part of this risk, consumer demand for privacy and increased legal requirements are making privacy and security top concerns for organizations. Companies are still in the early stages of understanding, adopting and implementing data privacy requirements and programs that support their company security practices and culture. Building the right foundation to highly secure and protect your company includes several fundamentals that are critical to supporting the infrastructure from the ground up. The foundation should be built upon the National Institute for Standards and Technology privacy framework.What’s in the NIST privacy framework?The framework includes five new control families that are broken out into individual categories and subcategories. The five categories can be summarized as follows:
Develop the understanding to effectively manage privacy risks.
Create an internal culture and corporate structure to support risk management and data governance.
Develop policies, procedures, and practices to effectively control and protect data.
Provide communication channels for employees to ask questions and raise issues related to privacy and data management.


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Tezos Will Get Zcash’s Privacy Features in Next Upgrade

tezos will get zcash’s privacy features in next upgrade


In brief
Tezos developers have revealed the next upgrade proposal dubbed “Edo.”
The implementation of Zcash’s library Sapling will allow “shielding” transactions on Tezos.
Another new feature is a ticket system that allows smart contracts to grant portable permissions or issue tokens.
Tezos developers Nomadic Labs, Marigold, and Metastate have revealed several proposals for the next upgrade, dubbed “Edo,” that will introduce new privacy features to the blockchain—alongside a slew of other improvements, according to an announcement published today.“No other major smart contract platform to this date supports this functionality but, because Tezos can be amended, it was possible for us to add this exciting new feature directly to Tezos itself,” the release explained.

This comes just weeks after recent upgrade Delphi was introduced to the network.
“Although Delphi went live on November 12th, it was proposed on September 3rd. In the intervening months, we’ve been hard at work on the core Tezos software, and we’ve made significant improvements that we want to share with the users of the network,” said the developers.
A stack of Tezos coins. Image: Shutterstock
The first new feature in Edo is the implementation of Sapling, a library originally developed by …


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IDX Privacy

idx privacy


You want to protect your privacy, sure, but that can mean a lot of different things. Preventing snooping on your conversations and online activity is one possibility, as is keeping snoops from collecting your personal information. Privacy means many things, and IDX Privacy works in many ways to protect yours, up to and including help with identity theft recovery and insurance against losses from identity theft. It’s an excellent collection of identity theft prevention features. That’s what we tested here, and that’s what our 4-star rating represents. It also includes a promise of remediation if prevention fails, though we can’t test that promise, because doing so would require using actual compromised identities. How Much Does IDX Privacy Cost?The IDX privacy service lists for $79.95 per year or $9.95 per month, with both prices discounted for new members. LifeLock’s standard service costs a bit more, $11.95 per month or $124.99 per year at present. IDShield runs you $13.95 per month, but roughly doubling that rate gets you credit and identity theft tracking for all family members, up to 10 people.LifeLock and IDShield focus strongly on identity theft remediation, while IDX Privacy branches out more, with VPN protection, ad and tracker blocking, and social …


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Firo Announces Mainnet Launch of Next-Generation Privacy Protocol Lelantus; Completes Rebrand

firo announces mainnet launch of next-generation privacy protocol lelantus; completes rebrand


SINGAPORE, Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Firo (FIRO) has announced the release of the mainnet binaries for Lelantus, as well as the completion of its rebrand from Zcoin. The name Firo was created as a composite of money and fire, and serves as a truer representation of Lelantus’ offerings: Burn-and-redeem privacy that allows users to burn (or destroy) coins of arbitrary amounts — even partial ones — and redeem brand new coins that do not appear to have previous transaction histories associated with them. This method provides unparalleled levels of practical privacy similar to cash in a simple one-click interface. 
Lelantus also provides:

“On-by-default” privacy (with opt-out) that puts privacy front-and-center. Now, whenever users receive funds they’ll be prompted to anonymize them;
Larger anonymity sets (65,000 with sliding windows);
No fixed denominations, users are able to burn and redeem arbitrary amounts;
The ability to change amounts without risking privacy;
Greater ease of use.

“As cryptocurrencies start becoming mainstream, one of the biggest remaining hurdles is protecting privacy especially when public blockchains store information permanently for all to see,” said Reuben Yap, Project Steward of Firo. “Despite the pressing need, there are only a handful of blockchain privacy protocols. Those that do exist in deployment …


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Microsoft 365: Corporate Privacy Invader Masked As A Collaboration Tool?

microsoft 365: corporate privacy invader masked as a collaboration tool?


Microsoft 365, a line of online subscription services offered by Microsoft to better collaborate in your workspace, is being called out for being a corporate privacy invader.
The revelation is quite shocking, as well as concerning!
Released in 2019, the Redmond Washington-based tech giant describes Microsoft 365’s ‘productivity score’ as a set of tools designed to provide users ‘visibility into how their organisation works’. Basically, it lets managers drill down on data aggregated from individual employees about their group chat conversations, emails, network connectivity, etc. and estimate their so-called productivity levels at work.Advertisements

Now, seeing how this option can be overly invasive and in turn give employers the chance to exploit their employees based on their activity levels logged in the software, many privacy activists are currently raising the alarm about it.
For instance, Wolfie Christl, an Austrian researcher, tweeted out about this feature saying that it is problematic at several levels.

This is so problematic at many levels:– Managers evaluating individual-level employee data is a no go– Any evaluation of group ‘productivity’ data can also shift power from employees to organizations– Employee self control via MyAnalytics is the first step to normalization— Wolfie Christl (@WolfieChristl) November 24, 2020

But, Microsoft, on the …


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Chevy Bolt Owners Spammed with Privacy Warnings on CarPlay and Android Auto

chevy bolt owners spammed with privacy warnings on carplay and android auto


Privacy has become a major concern in the last few years, especially in the tech industry, and now companies worldwide have changed their approaches in this regard, sometimes displaying warning after warning just to make sure users given their consent for their data to be accessed.
12 photos

The same thing when running CarPlay and Android Auto in some cars, but on some occasions, the whole thing is becoming rather ridiculous.Just look at what’s happening in the Chevrolet Bolt, as drivers here are provided with the same privacy warning over and over again every time they connect their smartphones to the car to run Android Auto and CarPlay.It’s a “Device Projection Privacy Consent” showing up on the screen, and users here on reddit complain it’s happening after a recent update. Of course, given the same warning is displayed on both Android Auto and CarPlay, this time Google and Apple aren’t the culprits.So the one to blame is most likely an OTA update for the head unit, with Chevrolet clearly playing the safety card here, though it’s hard to understand why the same message must be displayed every time Android Auto and CarPlay launch, …


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