5G And Nvidia: Just Getting Started (NASDAQ:NVDA)

5g and nvidia: just getting started (nasdaq:nvda)


5G, in its various forms, is about to become the reality for most data consumers. And the transition (from 4G to 5G) will be consequential across nearly all industries and companies. In this report, we review how 5G will transform our ecosystem, and how to position your portfolio to benefit. We pay special attention to Nvidia (NVDA), considering it is a superior vehicle to play the broader 5G story.What is the 5G hype all about? 5G is the latest generation technology standard for mobile internet connection. The 5th generation wireless mobile network is expected to bring about a significant upgrade relative to the legacy 4G technology by not only improving the ways in which people connect with one another but also how they connect with machines, objects and devices. Apart from higher bandwidth (i.e. network capacity to help connect billions of devices simultaneously), the 3 major advantages that 5G has over 4G are faster speed, significantly low latency rates and higher reliability. Speed: This is where 5G dominates 4G the most. At peak data rates, 5G can deliver speed of up to 20 Gigabits per second which is almost 100 times that of current speed enabled by 4G technology. Latency: Latency …



Leaders Share How 5G Will Transform Business

leaders share how 5g will transform business


I remember in the 1990s when computers became ubiquitous the buzz around work was that people would end up with enormous amounts of newfound discretionary time; instead we found the opposite: productivity, customer expectations – and competition —soared. I believe 5G will introduce a similar elevation of every practically every element of business, the economy and society.  To help CEOs better understand new 5G world, on October 30, 2020 I moderated a roundtable of four leaders:
– Manish Sharma, Group Chief Executive, Accenture Operations
– Suzanne Foster, Cardinal HealthTM at-Home Solutions
– Sampath Sowmyanarayan, President, Verizon Business Global Enterprise
– Rob Johnson, CEO, Vertiv
Sampath Sowmyanarayan, President, Verizon Business Global Enterprise teed up the conversation talking about a specific way Verizon was changing the communications equation, “During this pandemic, we’ve witnessed an accelerated pace of digital transformation. At the center of this rapid shift is 5G, which is changing everything from supply chains, traditional healthcare practices, and factory floors, to the rise of the hybrid workforce. For example, a key factor in Verizon acquiring BlueJeans video-conferencing is that we understood the importance of secure collaboration tools for businesses and now these tools are the lifeblood of the new global workforce. BlueJeans smart …


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T-Mobile destroys Verizon’s 5G network claims by sliding in its coverage DMs

t-mobile destroys verizon’s 5g network claims by sliding in its coverage dms


T-Mobile boasts the widest “5G availability,” Verizon brags with the fastest “nationwide” 5G, all the while AT&T kept reaping median download speed awards throughout the year, what gives? If you are confused about the state of US carriers’ 5G networks, you are not alone. They have employed a dizzying array of 5G bands for their base stations, and commenced the rollout from completely opposite approaches that prioritize different features. This is precisely what led the exasperated OnePlus to the following quip when detailing its budget Nord phone features:

When your phone has 5G but there’s no 5G on your street

Add glitzy ads, claims and counter-claims, and rebuttals, and one would think that we are never going to get some order in the 5G chaos. Enter T-Mobile which, in the form of Verizon rebuttal (what else), puts the 5G network claims in perspective. Needless to say, these claims will soon be followed by Verizon’s counter-points, but still, here’s the scoop.T-Mobile vs Verizon 5G network speedsVerizon, however, used the iPhone 12 launch to announce “nationwide” 5G service, seemingly removing the main argument against its 5G network – its minuscule coverage. According to T-Mobile, however:Verizon turned to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing ( …


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T-Mobile’s Ray predicts 5G claims will haunt rivals

t-mobile’s ray predicts 5g claims will haunt rivals


For years, T-Mobile suffered from poor coverage in the U.S. Now in the 5G world, it’s shouting from the rooftops about its coverage – again and again.At recent investor events, President of Technology Neville Ray took the opportunity to slam the competition, mostly Verizon, for their 5G coverage and talk up T-Mobile’s superiority in that department. After years of leveling the playing field on LTE coverage, T-Mobile is positioned to jump ahead of both AT&T and Verizon in 5G.
Today, he stepped it up a notch with a blog noting AT&T’s use of the “5G E” symbol, but focusing on Verizon’s use of dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS). According to Ray, DSS is useful in limited scenarios but not for providing an entire nationwide footprint. In fact, T-Mobile’s analysis of recent Ookla data shows Verizon with the slowest median 5G download speeds since October 2020.

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What if there were no ocean, desert, mountain or event that could ever keep us from telling our stories, sharing discoveries or asking for …


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Five operators submit bids in Chile’s 5G spectrum auction

five operators submit bids in chile’s 5g spectrum auction


Five Chilean operators have submitted bids to secure additional spectrum, including 5G frequencies, Chile’s telecommunications regulator Subtel said in a release.

Entel, Claro, Movistar, WOM and Borealnet made offers, according to the regulator. In total, the Chilean government is awarding 1.8 gigahertz of spectrum in the 700 MHz, AWS (1.755-1.770 GHz and 2.155-2.170 GHz), 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands, the latter two for 5G services.

According to Subtel, the process saw the highest number of bidders in a public spectrum tender in the country.

WOM bid for all four bands, followed by Finnish newcomer Borealnet, which submitted bids for three bands, according to Subtel.

For the 700 MHz band, WOM, Borealnet, Claro and Movistar submitted offers, but only the first two telcos provided all the documentation required in the process.

WOM, Borealnet, Claro, Horizonte Telecom and Movistar had expressed interest in the AWS band, but only the first three provided the documentation required and were finally selected as the bidders by Subtel.

Entel, Claro, Movistar, WOM and Borealnet submitted bids for spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band. Horizonte Telecom and a subsidiary of Entel, Will SA, failed to comply with the documentation requirements, the regulator said.

Finally, in the 26 GHz band, Claro, Entel and …


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SFR launches 5G in Nice, announces plans for future deployments

sfr launches 5g in nice, announces plans for future deployments


SFR Director: 50% of Nice’s population is covered by the 5G services

While some French cities continue to contest the value of 5G and explore its potential dangers, Nice has become the first city in the country to get next-generation services thanks to mobile operator SFR, which launched 5G in the area last Friday.

SFR’s Director Alain Weill said that upon the initial deployment, 50% of the population of Nice was covered by 5G, and that within several weeks, 80% will be covered. Looking further ahead, SFR has plans to deliver 5G services to Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nantes, Marseille and Paris Ile-de-France.

Days after the commercial launch in Nice, SFR Businesses used the momentum to announce new 5G voice and data plans, as well.

In other cities around France, 5G suspicions are circulating, with many political groups arguing that the advanced cellular technology will harm the environment by consuming too much energy and creating pollution.

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi, who was present at the launch of the event, addressed some of the concerns, reassuring the region’s population that if he had “the slightest doubt” about the safety of 5G, he “would never have signed up.”

“Its use will revolutionize the digital …


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Telus to build out 5G network without China’s Huawei

telus to build out 5g network without china’s huawei


A woman is silhouetted as the Telus Corp. logo is displayed on a screen during a company event in Vancouver on Oct. 2, 2015. DARRYL DYCK/The Canadian Press Telus Corp. plans to move entirely away from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. as a supplier of gear for superfast 5G mobile networks. It says instead that it will rely solely on telecom manufacturers from Western countries, as well as South Korea, because it expects Ottawa will eventually restrict the use of the Chinese company’s equipment in Canada. Telus is the last of Canada’s three major telecoms to make a business decision to shelve Huawei as its supplier of next-generation mobile 5G technology. Telus currently uses Huawei throughout its radio access network (RAN), the gear on cell towers and cell sites. Despite an announcement in June that the company had selected Ericsson and Nokia as suppliers for its 5G network, Huawei’s future role in Telus’s radio access network has remained an open question. The company later announced it is also going to use South Korea’s Samsung 5G. Story continues below advertisement For competitive reasons, company officials declined to publicly discuss the decision to move away from Huawei equipment in …


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