Mobvista Receives SOC2 Type1 Report, Achieves International Level for Data Security and Privacy Protection Standards

mobvista receives soc2 type1 report, achieves international level for data security and privacy protection standards


GUANGZHOU, China, Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mobvista, a technology platform providing mobile advertising and marketing services, has passed the SOC2 audit, an authoritative international certification standard, and received the SOC2 Type1 report, becoming China’s first company in the mobile internet marketing community to obtain such a report. 
The SOC report is a System and Organization Controls (SOC) service audit report formulated by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), which includes three forms: SOC1, SOC2, and SOC3. Among them, SOC2 is a standard dedicated to data security and privacy protection. The SOC2 report is recognized as the world’s most authoritative and professional report on data security, which can accurately reflect the data security realities of the audited company.
The SOC2 audit was performed by one of the Big Four accounting firms, who assessed the design suitability and implementation effectiveness of control measures concerning security, availability, process integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of services such as Mobvista’s top media advertising solutions, programmatic advertising solutions, network-wide traffic aggregation marketing solutions, SpotMax central technology platform, and mobile analytics solutions. Obtaining the SOC2 Type1 audit report indicates that Mobvista fully complies with the SOC2 standard and is at the forefront of the mobile internet marketing …



Uquid Launch the Defi Shopping Stake (DSS) and Defito Finance (DTO) | Press release Bitcoin News

uquid launch the defi shopping stake (dss) and defito finance (dto) | press release bitcoin news


The trouble with many current DeFi projects is that while they eliminate traditional institutions from the mix, they instead transfer ultimate control over to a select group of insiders who have their financial motives and agendas. It’s an arrangement that’s ripe for abuse, and something that should be anathema to anyone who believes in the real promise of DeFi.But now, there’s a DeFi solution that’s on a mission to deliver where so many others have failed. It’s called the Defito (DTO), and Defi Shopping Stake (DSS) is designed to be a platform that is a Bridge between Defi and E-Commerce.About DTO:A DTO token controls the Defito Ecosystem. Defito is a decentralized finance (Defi) platform with the goal of providing a solution for Defi to access e-commerce such as :Shopping MiningShopping StakingAutomated Shopping MakingDTO is the native token in the Defito platform. Users can earn it by contributing liquidity to Defito’s liquidity pool and use the token for Platform Governance and Online Shopping.About DSS (Defi Shopping Stake):We are proud to introduce DSS to the public for the first time. We believe that the Defi Shopping Stake (DSS) model will be …


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How to Best Use Data in Remote Learning

how to best use data in remote learning


Why Data Analytics Is Crucial to Remote LearningMany experts have noted the benefits of data analytics in education. With data, schools can improve ROI on tech investments and empower teachers to make informed decisions about their instructional practices.
Today, it’s even more imperative to embrace data analytics and learn how to best use it. Doing so can help school leaders and educators get a better sense of what is and isn’t working during remote learning.
For example, Loudoun County (Va.) Public Schools leveraged data analytics to identify which families did not have access to the internet and supplied them with Wi-Fi hotspots when the pandemic hit. The district is also using data analytics to see whether students’ engagement levels are high enough to meet individualized education program (IEP) requirements, says Rachel Johnson, the district’s director of enterprise solutions.
DISCOVER: Learn how educators can better serve students with disabilities in virtual classrooms.
Best Practices for Smarter Data Collection and Analysis
With the right data analytics solution, schools can get a holistic snapshot of student and operational outcomes, allowing them to identify pain points and strategically act on those insights.
But how can they best use data to improve …


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Marco Financial Takes Aim at the $350 Billion Latam Trade Finance Gap With $26M Round

marco financial takes aim at the $350 billion latam trade finance gap with $26m round


MIAMI, Sept. 21, 2020 Marco Financial—the first tech-enabled financing platform built for small and medium-sized Latin American exporters—today announced it has secured $26M in funding and credit that will enable the company to address the $1.5T global trade finance gap that disproportionately impacts small-and medium-sized (SME) businesses. Marco supports SMEs based in Latin America, where a $350 billion trade finance gap blocks many exporters from the U.S. market. The funding includes an equity round, led by Struck Capital and Antler, and a credit facility underwritten by Arcadia Funds, LLC.”As a former owner of a small business in Latin America, I saw firsthand how SMEs in this region struggle to access trade financing that will let them export their goods while retaining enough capital to keep their business running,” said Peter D. Spradling, COO and co-founder of Marco. “Access to trade finance is one of the greatest hurdles in business operations. The traditional system, dominated by banks, simply is not working anymore. It disproportionately hurts SMEs, restricts economic mobility and stifles job creation in emerging markets. With equity funding and a material credit facility we can serve this disadvantaged market in Latin America and help build a healthier, more equitable …


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The end of the cookie and the new era of digital marketing

the end of the cookie and the new era of digital marketing


By Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC), which is responsible for corporate governance, reporting and auditing in the UK, has been consulting on the role of technology in audit processes. This highlights growing recognition for the fact that technology can assist audits, providing the ability to automate data gathering or assessment to increase quality, remove subjectivity and make the process more trustworthy and consistent. Both the Brydon review and the latest AQR thematic suggest a link between enhanced audit quality and the increasing use of technology. This goes beyond efficiency gains from process automation and relates, in part, to the larger volume of data and evidence which can be extracted from an audited entity and the sophistication of the tools available to interrogate it.
As one example, the PCAOB in the US has for a while advocated for the provision of audit evidence and reports to be timely (which implies computerisation and automation) to assure that risks are being managed, and for the extent of human interaction with evidence or source data to be reflected to ensure influence is minimised (the more that can be achieved programmatically and objectively the better).
However, …


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Making Sense of ‘Climate Sensitivity’

making sense of ‘climate sensitivity’


Recently, an international research team published a comprehensive review in the journal Reviews of Geophysics on our state of understanding of Earth’s “climate sensitivity,” a key measure of how much our climate will change as greenhouse gas emissions increase. Essentially, by narrowing the range of estimates, the researchers found that climate sensitivity isn’t so low that it should be ignored, but it’s also not so high that there is no hope for the planet’s recovery.

We asked the two NASA authors on the study — Kate Marvel, jointly of Columbia University in New York and NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) in New York; and GISS Director Gavin Schmidt — to discuss their roles in the study and its significance for understanding the impacts of our warming world on climate.

Q. What exactly is climate sensitivity and why is it important to know its true value?

Schmidt: “We know from studies of the past that Earth’s climate can change dramatically. The evidence shows that the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can vary over time and make a big difference to the climate. Scientists try to quantify that by estimating how much the surface air …


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South Jersey school’s re-opening delayed after ‘large gathering’ of maskless seniors

iam platform login page background


“There is growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can remain suspended in the air and be breathed in by others, and travel distances beyond 6 feet (for example, during choir practice, in restaurants, or in fitness classes),” the agency stated. “In general, indoor environments without good ventilation increase this risk.”


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Courtland Sutton suffers torn ACL, out for season

courtland sutton suffers torn acl, out for season


Denver Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton tore his ACL Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Broncos’ WR Courtland Sutton has a torn ACL, as @RapSheet and @JamesPalmerTV also reported.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 21, 2020

Fantasy Impact
Yet another serious injury for fantasy managers to navigate from Week 2. This is a huge blow to the Broncos and Sutton, both of whom were looking to make noise this season. With Sutton injured, Jerry Jeudy and Noah Fant will have to carry the Broncos passing game. This also likely will mean more work for Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay as the ground game becomes a greater emphasis, especially with Drew Lock also set to miss time.


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Complete Developer Bootcamp Is Up For A Massive Discount Offer For A Couple Of Days – Avail Now

complete developer bootcamp is up for a massive discount offer for a couple of days – avail now


Coding is rapidly becoming an essential skill and if you wish to stay relevant in this technology dependent world, then you should definitely acquire this skill. You don’t have to start looking for courses as we have something for you right here. Wccftech is offering a limited time discount offer on the Complete Developer Bootcamp. The offer will expire in a couple of days so you don’t want waste any time thinking about investing. Get the deal now!
Complete Developer Bootcamp Features
With this bundle you will be able to get started with best practices of software development. The course structure has been designed to help you become a skilled developer in just a few days. With the bundle you will be able to learn about code quality gates, coding standards, unit testing, branching strategy, analysis, Agile and so much more. Here are highlights of what the Complete Developer Bootcamp has in store for you:

 Access 35 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
 Know what a software bug is & what damage it can bring
 Understand code quality & code quality gates
 Learrn what coding standards is & why you need it
 Find out what is the difference between code-style & code-convention
 Know testing approaches & …


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