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For many people, the coronavirus pandemic has changed their nutrition and exercise habits. One app helping people track their food and lose weight is called Lifesum. The company has scaled rapidly to 45 million users and boasts partnerships with Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) and Nike (NYSE:NKE).’s Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina chatted with Lifesum’s CEO Henrik Torstensson about the digital health and wellness space.
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Corinne Cardina: Hello, Henrik, how are you?
Henrik Torstensson: Hi, I’m good. How are you?
Cardina: I’m so good. I am Corinne Cardina. I’m the Bureau Chief of Healthcare and Cannabis on Fools, I’ve got with me today Henrik Torstensson, CEO of Lifesum, a digital health service. Henrik, did I say your name right?
Torstensson: It’s Henrik, it’s good.
Cardina: Great. We are going to talk about Lifesum today, but we’re also going to talk about investing in the digital health space and what investors should know about the intersection of technology and wellness. I do want to let our viewers know that we’re testing out a Q&A service called Slido. We use it at The Fool internally, we think you’ll really like it. You can open up Slido in your browser or the app and the code is MFlive. You can submit questions, upvote other people’s questions that you want to see us answer. Let’s start out with learning about Lifesum. Henrik, could you give us a brief history of how you co-founded this company, what it …