Are You a Social Media Zombie Marketer?


When it comes to your marketing time and money, there is a serious threat to your effectiveness in the marketplace today.  That threat is not just a passive threat, it is an active threat and it exists for one sole purpose, to eat you, literally from the inside out.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about the latest denizen of the Web 2.0 explosion, The Zombie Marketer.

Wtf is a Zombie Marketer?

So what is a Zombie Marketer?  A Zombie Marketer is anyone who cannot back up their sales proposal with either qualified leads or actual sales statistics which provide tangible evidence that whatever they are doing to promote a product or a brand actually produced a sale or a qualified lead.  Any other definition is what we call “snake oil marketer”.  You get the point.

Every single so called innovation in sales rides on the back of the workhorse of the industry, engagement.  Whether that is cold calling, direct mail, door to door, face to face or advertising, whatever sales is, it has to include these legacy (and still effective) historical lead generation techniques.  Without this connection any B2 whatever campaign is going to be infected with the Zombie Virus.

Connection is the key word.  Most experts agree, and you can read an excellent research supported article here to bone up, that Social Media Marketing is a bloated failure when it comes to production of qualified leads and actual sales in the B2B marketplace when compared to our baseline identified previously.  Where there is hope for Social Media Marketing is in the B2C (business to customer or consumer) marketplace.  Knowing which you are targeting is essential for not contracting the Social Media Zombie Virus.

So are you vaccinated?

Contracting the Social Media Zombie Virus is deadly.  There is only one escape once you have it and that is to end your life, your business life that is, because once you have contracted it, you will sink every dime you have into the hype and be left high and dry while the Zombie just moves on after infecting you and sucking you dry.  Worse yet, in most cases YOU actually become the same trying to recoup your losses by doing the same to others.  So it is imperative that you get vaccinated immediately.

You need to start by understanding just exactly what it is that you are doing.  We’ve written a few pieces of a new series on monetizing your blog here and here which lay a really good foundation for understanding where you stand when you are beginning on the path to content marketing, which is the fancy schmancy term for social media marketing.  But that does not quite cover you with the full vaccination.  Of course you need to read.  Google Zombie Marketing, Zombie Marketer and other keywords and do some reasonable research.  It does not take long to get boned up.  Then you need to get a grasp on your orientation to what the Web can do for you and in particular Web 2.0.

We are all about orientation here.  We think it is the single most important factor in ensuring your success.  Most people do not take the time to orient (position) themselves properly in the marketplace they have gone, “ooooh” and, “aaaah” googly eyed over.  The first thing you need to do is splash some cold water on your face, slap yourself a few times briskly but not too hard on the cheeks and wake yourself up from the hype.  Ideas, work, results.  OK?  That mantra NEVER CHANGES and fuck anyone who says differently.   Seriously.

So what orientation are we going to need to complete the vaccination?  First thing you need to do is recognize whether you are a Business to Business practitioner or a Business to Consumer practitioner.  If you are a Business to Business practitioner (unless your product works with Social Media Marketers – but even then buyer beware), then you should exit this game immediately and pick up the phone and tunnel into the decision makers with the tried and true methods we mentioned earlier.  If, however, you are a Business to Consumer practitioner, then read on.

Business to Consumer practitioners work with individuals who are looking for what I am calling an “endless fix”.  That “fix” can be anything that comprises the details of their life.  In this category, the sky’s the limit for the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing BUT you have to avoid the Zombies.  So how do we vaccinate ourselves from the dreaded Zombie Virus in B2C connections (love that word, connection)?  We do the same thing that traditional methods demanded of us.  We require that there be a tangible evidence based result from our efforts.

Unlike the B2B marketplace, the definition of what we call a deliverable is vastly different in the B2C marketplace!  Here a so called traditional “soft lead” may be exactly what someone is looking for right then and there, right now.  Knowing a person’s NOW is one of the hottest topics for mentoring in today’s Social Media Marketing Marketplace, and we will talk about that in another article, but for now let’s stay focused on the topic at hand, ZOMBIES.

Your vaccine is going to be the rock solid understanding that you have to ask questions, hard questions during engagement with your CONNECTIONS so that you understand without a shadow of a doubt that whatever gap it is that you are marketing to is rock solid present in the tribe you want to gather to market to.  That’s it.  It’s really that simple.  Enacting that is a bit harder and we will cover that in another article as well.  But we need to get laser focused on exactly what wastes your time and money or you are not going to get out the door before you are infected.

IAM Platform spent years working with Information Professionals worldwide and finely honed an audience of hundreds of thousands of Information Professionals across a growing number of categories of specialization and today includes anyone who SUBSTANTIALLY works with information even if they do not have a degree in the area of study.  We consider serious lay professionals to be Information Professionals.  In this way we know exactly what our target gap is, it is information in general and in specific those who work with it, professionally.  Once we knew that, we knew exactly what we were in need of and exactly what our audience was in need of.  When we got that far we created VALUE.  And that, Ladies and Gentlemen is what we gave our vaccine as a name.  We call it ValueVac.  Value will obliterate entire hoards of Zombie Marketers in an instant and keep you safe should you get some splatter on you in the process of hacking the undead out of your marketing game plan!

Always be seeking the VALUE that you have carefully honed as your specialty and your focus.  REMEMBER, just saying you are a “content marketer” pretty much places ZOMBIE as a big fat red assed baboon tattoo on your forehead.

Lookout soon for our articles on Knowing Your NOW and Enacting Your Marketing Plan!  We will also be following that up with the introduction of our newest Social Media Marketing Product, Certified Organic Social Media Marketing (COSMM). Until then, you should be on 360 degree mode from now on looking for the ZOMBIES, they are everywhere.

PSSST: Knowing what you know now may also just allow you to save a few before they fully turn!  However, remember, they are zombies!  They may just laugh at you for trying to stop them from laughing all the way to the bank with other peoples hard earned cash!

What’s wrong with ripping people off you ask?  It’s destroying the marketplace and that means it’s ruining the potential Social Media has to be a legitimate business for Information Professionals.  We will not make any bones about it, we are AT WAR with the Zombies, you should be too.


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