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We are inundated with information.  It is ubiquitous and ever present.  The analog world is increasingly digitizing and with every single new digitization we have a new creation of information.

How are humans to cope with this ever increasing inundation of information?  From antiquity humans have come up with systems for organization of information.  Most human beings relate to the concept of libraries and librarians as the traditional image of a curator of information.  However, recent technological changes have begun to challenge that traditional concept and opened pathways to a sharing society where information is organized by every person alive.

One of the first technological changes that has had an enormous impact on the organization of information is the computer.  From the early conceptual workings of Vannivar Bush and Allan Turing and their initial rudimentary computers to today’s near quantum computers, placing the power of organization in the hands of everyone immersed in the sea of information has never been so prevalent or so powerful.  Now with the advent of the Internet even more tools are arising daily with the power of software and the multitude of available and constantly being released applications.  The World Wide Web in its current Web 2.0 configuration that enables everyone to curate the Web, has seen the advent of Wikis and Social Networks and interactive Web sites churning out even more information with content management systems making the creation of information that much easier.  As if that was not ubiquitous enough, the Internet of Everything, where all aspects of life are “connected, networked and digitized” has rendered the potential for every single detail of our analog lives to be digitized and thereby amplify even further the size of the sea of information.

So how does humanity deal with this incredible profusion/explosion of information?  It does what it has always done.  It organizes it.  Information is meaningless if it is not accessible.  One of the main reasons the founders of Google created the search engine is that they envisioned a world where all information was at the fingertips of every single human being and that this revolution in information organization and access would transform human understanding of our selves and our context within the greater Universe.

That is why we picked up the name IAM Platform which stands for Information Access and Management Platform.  It is a platform because it is a foundation position upon which rests a growing number of Products and Services that are geared to provide anyone who works with information a better grasp of Information Access and Management.  Currently there are four compartments that have emerged and are being constructed as feverishly as we can code and create content (your help is appreciated, if you want to help contact us).  The IAM Network is where you are now along with all our Social Networks (Currently Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).  This is our growing interactive nexus which currently provides access to the following products and services: IAM Blog, IAM Podcast and IAM Code Trove.  Soon we will be adding IAM Themes.  We plan on adding as many products and services as imagination will allow, but for that we need to build out some more functionality, so bear with us, but don’t forget to send us your suggestions.  We do accept guest bloggers, speakers, coders and themers.  If you want to publish on IAM Network then just contact us and we will set you up with an account permission that will allow you to access an editor for creating content.  We will review your content and if it is appropriate we will publish it.

We firmly believe that in order to maximize the potential of information, all people must work together to become more educated and proficient in the organization of information such that mutual methods of organization will lead to better interactivity of information and better interoperability of systems that are currently organizing information.

So, whew, this site is dedicated to that endeavor.  You are welcome to engage with us to the extent that we have created access for you to do so.   That access will only grow as we go forward.  Let us be clear, this site will serve as a hub for all things information.  From Librarians, Archivists, Museum Curators, Semantic Modelers, Web and Mobile Developers, Information Architects, Information Technologists, Network Engineers, Software Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Engineers, Social Media Curators, Data Analysts, System Analysts and more to everyday people immersed in the sea of information, IAM Platform is here to serve you.  We hope that the day will come when our members are creating whole new sections of this site as we work together to mine the information seam.

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