2016 IAM Network Audacity Kings & Queens


Audacity is what informs courage.  It is the essential element in transforming a life lived in fear to a life lived on the edge of innovation and success.  For most of us, that transition is not easy, but then again, easy is overrated.

As such, because we feel that audacity is one of the key elements in information marketing success [you can insert your category of information work here], we have decided to develop a list of those information professionals who have exemplified audacity at an exceptional level.

For the men we have our Audacity Kings and for the women our Audacity Queens.  Our measurements were taken from a wide variety of measurement statistics, some of which are the common account activity on each social network, awards won, media mentions and a few other APIs we work with which we have to keep secret in order to protect our secret sauce.  As you read this list remember, our algorithm is about how you rate on “getting out there” as we feel that is the best indicator across a wide spectrum about how audacious your information marketing is.

So without further fanfare, here is the list for this 2016!


Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

What can we say about Gary Vee?  The guy is synonymous with audacity.  Just  one watch of just one video from this amazing energy ball and you will see just exactly why Gary comes in at the top of our list this year!  Just try and stop watching this guy, I dare you!


blankSam Hurley @Sam___Hurley

Consistently awarded for his exceptional knowledge of the social media landscape, Sam has recently devoted himself to a hands on support role in addition to his sage advice and this has had an amazing effect on his presence not only for his followers but in the professional world!


blankTamara McCleary @TamaraMcCleary

When we think of influencers, Tamara comes instantly to mind.  Bright, energetic and full of mastery on all things information access and management, Tamara is a boon to her many followers and is well respected as an award winning speaker and leader in the information professional community and with top organizations worldwide!


blankRand Fishkin @randfish

Aside from having enviable hair and mustache, Rand is the consumate personality and role model for sales advice and how to “sell without selling”.  His many achievements testify to his acumen and standing among his peers.  Many influencers call Rand a true friend as many have been helped by his wisdom as an information professional.



Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas

With the world’s number one business blog Jeff is incredibly busy but finds the time to craft a robust following as an influencer to information professionals worldwide.



Rich Simmonds @RichSimmondsZA

Rich is well known for his disruptive and innovative strategies for information marketing.  It is precisely for this reason that he is well known and is respected by the industry as a “rule breaker that works”.  His book Mug and Tweet is a seminal text anyone should read if they are serious about information marketing.



Tim Fargo @alphabetsuccess

Leading inspirational quote information marketer Tim Fargo, is well known for much more than his heart felt and timely quotes.  He is also an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who look to him for advice on engagement.  As the 2x Inc 500 winner and CEO of Social Jukebox, you’ll find Tim as down to earth as anyone and ready to help when you need advice.


blankEvan Kirstel @evankirstel

As a leading expert in technology and how it influences information, information security and information marketing, Evan is also extremely service and support minded and willing to work with newbies and veteran marketers in expanding their influence and engagement.


blankKim Garst @kimgarst

As one of Forbes top 10 Social Media Influencers, Kim is a powerful force in information marketing and yet remains a very easy to connect with person.  She is always there for great advice and her publications are always spot on!


blankNeil Patel @neilpatel

is a New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur who was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama. Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.  (and he is a super great guy to get to know!)


blankNathan Allen Pirtle @workwthecoach

“The Coach” with his 100 million reach is perhaps one of the most influential social media influencers available.  While you might not see him often on stage, he makes up for it with the trends he sets.


blankAnn Handley @MarketingProfs

Best selling author of Everybody Writes, Ann is most likely the worst enemy of public enemy number one Zombie Marketers.  She is waging all out war with mediocrity in content and for that her markers indicate she is a rising star in Audacity.


blankMari Smith @MariSmith

Someone who has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson is audacious!  Getting into Forbes and her massive influence on Facebook are some of the markers that got her on this list.  Forbes is pretty keen on her too!


blankMichele Smorgon @maxOz

Michele is a proven winner in getting out there.  Her hustle across all social platforms is impressive and her following is loyal and steady with massive traffic flows.  A top ten female influencer by Forbes, she is a force for audacity.


blankJay Baer @jaybaer

Funny, witty, outgoing, the world’s top retweeted, extremely inspirational, Jay’s markers are rising.  It’s this kind of activity that lights up our indicators of a true Audacity King!


blankBranden Hampton @CEO

33 million followers across various social platforms, Branden is a mover and shaker and is always on the stage and getting not only his brand out there but his message to “make things famous” is well earned placing him squarely on this list.


blankAmy Vernon @AmyVernon

Amy is an outstanding example of audacity.  She tirelessly puts herself and the important issues out there and constantly has to reinforce her courage with audacious behavior.  For that she is well respected as a critic of social media and still draws the numbers.  You gotta respect that!  Our markers say YES!


blankJohn Hall @johnhall

With numerous awards across a wide variety of respected major publishers, John has cemented his place on this list. Gonna be hard to knock him off!  John works tirelessly to promote influence, not as a road to “influencer” but as a dynamic in and of itself.


Each year we are going to introduce two “rising stars”, one male and one female, as a means to inspire those who want to become Audacity Kings and Queens to make their mark and “get out there”.  Here they are for 2016!


blankBill McCabe @IoTRecruiting

Bill’s tweets get insane likes and retweets and his channel is featured every day for extremely visited hashtags in his niche.  That did not come by accident as Bill proves one key ingredient in audacity is using tech to its full potential.  Good for you Bill!  Keep it up!


blankMadalyn Sklar @MadalynSklar

Madalyn’s “secret sauce” caught the attention of our secret sauce and we think it is a safe bet that she is one solid up and comer.  Lots of serious invites to speak and tons of great advice to give, Madalyn is one to watch in 2017!