Today it’s being called “Disruption”, “Disintermediation” and/or “Decentralization” but it’s been around for a long time.  Its tools have been things like the wheel, the cart, the stylus, the alphabet, mathematics, the scientific method, the printing press, democracy, the telegraph, the radio, the television, the computer and the Internet. What is IT?  IT is personal freedom and self-discovery.  Personal Freedom and self-discovery are the basis for the position statement I AM.

I AM certainly must have been one of the earliest of pronouncements and it continues to be used to inspire us to further and further accomplishments as individuals and as a species.  This blog is about the audacity of that position statement and all the implications of that audacity.  From life-styles to work-styles to play-styles to every kind of style you can imagine, this blog will attempt to be a curated collection revolving around I AM.

No one view will dominate this conversation.  However, this blog will be curated.  I am interested in the mature, positive, constructionist implications of I AM.  I will not be avoiding the negative implications.  However, they will be cast in the light of the former and will not be allowed to be the dominant theme here.

I invite you to explore the world of I AM.  I will do my best to post every day but if there is nothing to say, then that day will rest in silence.